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One of my favorite albums of the past decade & a half (how is it that long??) is Raising Sand by Robert Plant & Alison Krauss.

I was delighted to hear that they finally made another recording together, and it just happened to be released on the day that Rusty & I were driving up north, so we had a listen... and, of course, then a reprise of Raising Sand!

The new album is called Raise The Roof, and you can listen to a couple of tracks -- and see them perform -- at a recent NPR Tiny Desk <Home> Concert (embedded below).



They are MARVELOUS!!




They ARE marvelous!!!!


They are so good! :)


Yes - SO GOOD!!!


I saw this the other day; cannot wait for the release.

Margene Smith

Isn't this good!? I bought the album the minute I heard it was out!


I have Raising Sand -- I ❤️ Gone Gone Gone, although it is the drumbeat that captures me.

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