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I had the three "big kids" overnight, and a few minutes with Davy, too. He's walking more than crawling now, and is so grown up! He's so expressive and everything is so exciting to him... it's a joy. AND, I got a real "kiss" last night (he leaned in, anyway, and if not quite puckering he knew what he'd get)!


Our main activity was coloring a big Christmas Train & Tree that I picked up on a whim yesterday at Target. You just never know with that kind of thing, but this definitely captured their interest!

Junah worked mainly on the train, while the girls & I were occupied by the tree.

And this afternoon, we/they decorated my actual tree! I think this will be the extent of it, though I might string up some of my mom's pearl garland.


We watched TV: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Paw Patrol, and Diarrhea of a Wimpy Kid (if you were to ask Junah).


And here's a picture of Ginny & Malina by Junah.  :)




Haha, Diarrhea of a Wimpy Kid -- that sure gave me a chuckle to start my day! I love the photo of the three of them decorating the tree. That could be a holiday card.


Your photos just ooze fun! :)

I especially love Jun's photo of his sisters!


These photos are just full of joy and fun, as are the kids themselves!


What a wonderful sleepover. Jun's sense of humor is wonderful and his photo of the girls catches their personalities. The smiles say it all. The tree is beautiful. What colors are those lipsticks? I went to the link but can't figure it out and I love them.


I love that picture of the kids decorating your tree!


That is for sure the BEST medicine! and Malina, being a Big Kid now :-) Your tree is beautiful. Glad you have plenty of time to enjoy it this month.


Baby kisses are so very good.


Oh my. such joy in this post. Which is a good thing cuz I got so sad over your last post with your family sign and realizing Kate can't come home for Christmas. Boo-Hoo and it's not even my family! Good thing you have those 4 grand kids so near. They are precious and Jun is hysterical - diarrhea of a whimy kid...too, too funny.

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