Spotify/Wrapped 2021

Unraveled Wednesday: 2021

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today to share a review of my 2021 Knitting & Reading!


It was an OK year! Details of all on Ravelry; I am knitorious.



  • A bunch of gnomes
  • A bunch of stars
  • A hat
  • A Christmas stocking

Started/Current WIPs:

  • A crocheted blanket -- getting close (and will get back to it ASAP)
  • A second Wild Fields hat
  • A messy bun hat for Ali (not recorded above)

That blanket has been the focus this year, for sure.



I exceeded my goal this year! The bar was set at 12 -- pretty low by some standards -- and I read 15 books.


There are some doozies in there -- even a few 5-stars -- and a dud. I never "returned" an audio book before, but I just.could.not.handle Maggie O'Farrell's "I Am, I Am, I Am." I sure did love Hamnet, though! What a great bunch of books... a little more than half were audio.

I actually ended up buying a hard copy of Stanley Tucci's memoir and then I received one in a gift swap, so I gave it to Ali because even thirty-somethings are crushing on Stanley! haha. Kate gave me The Tucci Table cookbook for Christmas, so, yeah... we're fans.




A very satisfying year in knitting and reading! I love your gnomes and, of course, the epic hexie blanket. I heard an NPR interview with Stanly Tucci and was intrigued, now I am even more so. I might have to see what Stanley has to say about food.


Your making has inspired me, Vicki. Yes, I am on board for Year of Gnomes (I even ordered some "sale yarn" from Miss Babs for the year I have planned!)

I also broke down and purchased the entire collection of Field Guides (yes, I have a couple of them... but the deal was just too good to pass up!)


Looks like it was a good year for your Vicki! I'm impressed that you made and read as much as you did - you are always on the go with running two AirBnBs, four grandchildren, plus working, etc., etc. I think I need to check out Tucci and I can't wait for your hexi blanket again!!


What a great year for both knitting and reading, Vicki! I can't wait to see the blanket!!! (What are you going to do NEXT year????) XO


There's no knit like gnome. Hexie is looking great. I read 45 of 37 exceeding my goal and almost all were audiobooks. I'm still on the list for David Grohl. With all you do you have good balance in your life.
Does Stanley Tucci's book Taste have the recipes in it? I listened to it.


That hexie blanket alone makes for an epic year of crafting!

I have been working my way through Maggie O'Farrell's back catalog, and I have to say that I Am I Am I Am has been my least favorite.

Margene Smith

Just using your Ravelry profile, your year looks SO FUN and creatively creative. I love the unique items you find to knit (and crochet).

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