Heavenly Hash
Little bits

What might it be?

I’ve knit a few small pieces for the Gnome MKAL (5 clues released so far and I have almost caught up), but this one…


…is adorable. I am just guessing, but I think/hope it might be some sort of satchel or bag. 😍 And if it’s a boy gnome, I am loving that I chose pink! 




That gnome satchel (or whatever it turns out to be) is so detailed and your knitting is very precise!


I've been seeing a few of these bits and pieces, and I kept thinking this was the body. I may be very wrong!


A gnome with a bag? Love that idea!

Margie D.

Very cute bag/body! The pink is a great addition. I also see we have the same preference for pencils, and we both take random notes on our patterns.


OH! I can't wait to see your gnome come together!!!! XO


I loved that little piece too! That braid was so much fun! :)

the next clue is a lot more fiddly! lol

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