Unraveled Wednesday: 2021
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It's another 3TT/Unraveled mash up! I'm joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday + Unraveled Wednesday with Kat & the Unravelers.



I finished a hat -- my first FO of 2022!

  • My Ravelry Project Page: Perky Little Bun Hat
  • Pattern: Perky Little Hat by Sharon Lentsch
  • Yarn: Malabrigo Rasta (Boreal colorway)
  • Needles:  US 15
  • Start to Finish: January 3 - January 5, 2022

I actually knit it twice; the first was a test/prototype. Ali wanted a "messy bun" hat, but she has a pretty big bun so I wanted to make sure it would work! I had some leftovers from other projects, so knit up the tester and I'm glad I did because we made a couple of adjustments. The Rasta has very little stretch, so I decided to run some fold-over elastic through the stitches to finish (instead of the yarn).


The colorway is gorgeous! To minimize any pooling or flashing, I knit alternating rows from both ends of the yarn cake.


We'd also decided to lengthen it a bit, which was easily done by knitting an extra row or two or three in each section. I have yarn for at least one more (in a much less exciting color) (which I might end up overdyeing)!


I haven't been reading. When I do, it'll be: The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois (audio), by Honoree Fanonne Jeffers, and (still): This Golden Fleece: A Journey Through Britain's Knitted History (pages).

_ _ _ _ _

It's been a little crazy around here. Annie & her family were supposed to come up for a day or two between Christmas & New Year's Day, but they were hit by Covid/Omicron... falling like dominoes over a couple of days. Thankfully, all vaxxed, so none of them got very sick but their visit was postponed. They're all here now and finally spent a night in their own house! They like it a lot! It's really cool that Annie was informed that she'd achieved AIRBNB SUPERHOST status while they're here! (That's all me, but it is her house!) So now we're a duo!

I was able to nab a couple extra days off next week, and I'm looking forward to some proper visiting & catching up. I've been a little out of sorts since the new year began, and I hope to get a little more centered/grounded, too.




These mashups work pretty well! That hat looks great, especially in that colorway. I'm glad Anne and her family didn't feel completely awful, and I hope you get a good chance to visit and get grounded.


Enjoy your visit with Annie and family! So glad they were vaxed so didn't feel too badly (same situation with my family). Not surprised at the super host status - congratulations! Love, love, love the messy bun hat. Now if only I had not had my hair cut...LOL


Great hat! No need for a Pom Pom. Sorry to hear Annie & family were hit by this variant. My older daughter and family got hit after Christmas, too. Again all vaccinated. Not surprised that Airbnb gave kudos to their home. I’ve viewed the transformation from afar thinking it would be a lovely place to stay. Enjoy your time together!


What a pretty hat. The mashup works well. Enjoy your family.


That's a great hat! And I'm so glad Annie and her family are visiting now, I bet that's just what you need to feel more like yourself.


The addition of the elastic is brilliant!

I'm sorry to hear Annie and her family all got sick but am relieved they weren't too ill. I hope their visit perks you up!


The Messy Bun Hat is AWESOME! And I love the genius use of elastic!

Boo that Ann and her family got hit by Omicron... but I am so happy they are here now! Enjoy your visit!



What a GREAT hat, Vicki. And that yarn is just gorgeous. So sorry Annie and family got the Omicrons. i hope they're feeling better soon. My Erin picked up Omicron during her holiday travel (to be with Keith's family in Florida; they tried to get out of it, but his mother was adamant). She's doing okay (she's vaxx'd and boosted) . . . but excruciatingly tired. I hope Annie enjoyed seeing/staying in her/"your" house! XO

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