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Almost 13 years ago, a small volunteer army spent Valentine's Weekend cleaning & transforming the coffee shop, preparing for Ali to open the doors on a Monday -- fresh-faced and ready to take over! She'd worked there while in high school and when the previous owner was ready to move on, he contacted Ali... and the rest is history.

Ali kct feb 2009

And, literally... it's almost history!

Ali kct jan 2022

After almost 13 years, Alison is passing Kaukauna Coffee & Tea on to new owners!

I'm taking my cue and moving on as well. Tonight will be the last Make.Do Knit Night @ KC&T, and I'll be removing all of the yarn-y inventory over the next couple of weeks.

It's been a bit of a whirlwind and, to be honest, my head is spinning a little bit. I still haven't quite processed what this will mean for me -- no more bookkeeping, no more payroll duty every two weeks, no more picking up/delivering weekly orders from Big Box Wholesale Store, no more of all the little things that crop up on any given day.

It's going to be weird for all of us, but I'm sure we'll find our new normal!




Please extend my congratulations to Ali on 13 years! I'm sure it will be an adjustment for all of you, I hope it's just what the doctor ordered, too!


Congratulations to Ali for what I hope was a wonderful 13 years, and congratulations to you for some new-found time after the adjustment!

Robby H.

That's a good long run. Food service is such demanding work. Wishing you all a great 'new normal'.


Wow! Big changes on the way. Congratulations to Ali - what a great run. And I can't wait to hear what is next on the horizon.


I love those two photos of Ali ... and knowing a little bit about all the life that's happened in between them. Wishing you both and all your family the best during the transition ... and in what comes next. Gotta say, I'm excited to see!


Wow! This is just amazing (jaw-dropping) news! I hope this news will be the most amazing, incredible thing for all of you! May you fill your "new found" minutes will all the best things! XO


Big and exciting changes! Congrats to Ali for 13 years (no small feat in a hard industry!). Looking forward to hearing what's next!


THIS IS HUGE! What a big step for Ali . . . I can't wait to hear what she does next. And . . . I can't wait to hear what you'll be doing with your all-of-a-sudden "free time!" XO


Ali had a good run with the shop. What is she doing next? You will have time to think about "what next?" Wishing good changes for all of you.


I often dreamed of having a cuppa with you at Ali's shop. While I'm sad that didn't happen I am thrilled the Ali has found buyers and that she has a chance to move into the new/next phase of her life.

Gale Z

That's a big change! Congratulations to Ali on her next xhapter--and what will you do with your found time?

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