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Rusty & I celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary yesterday. Ali & the kids came over for dinner & a visit in the evening.


Two dapper dudes in plaid. Davy is something else these days... finding different ways to amuse himself, and sometimes finding himself to be pretty hilarious!

Nine years ago, I spent our wedding anniversary in Rio de Janeiro. On one of those days, Ann & I visited the Botanical Garden.


I'd noticed some familiar flowers & foliage that turned out to be Crown of Thorns -- making up an entire hedge. The very old potted plant, above, has been in the greenhouse window at work for as long as I've been here (17 years), and certainly longer. I took it home last summer and divided it, cleaned it up, gave it new soil... and my reward has been a better (not stellar) looking plant and a lot more flowers. Also, I have one at home now, too. It makes me happy and I will always think of Rio when I see/water it!

There's a big weekend coming up!


I have folks driving up from Saint Louis today for tomorrow night's game, and Ann's (repeat) guests are driving up from SW Wisco tomorrow. It is going to be COLD!! Wind chills below zero and at night, so not even the hope of warming sunshine. Welcome to the Frozen Tundra! If the Packers win, they'll play at home again next weekend, and we already have people hedging their bets and booking lodging. Fingers crossed!




Congratulations, and many, many more!


Happy Anniversary and Good Luck to the Packers!


Happy, Happy Anniversary. You guys are young!! (We'll be married 42 this May).

Meanwhile, that picture of your two dudes is beautiful - LOVE it and I definitely see the resemblance between them. Just so sweet.

I am not into football (at all...don't even think it)., but go Packers!~!


Hope you and Rusty had a lovely anniversary! I always think that men in plaid look good, and that is certainly true for those two. Your crown of thorns looks wonderful; anything that's blooming this time of year makes me happy. Good luck to the Packers!


Happy anniversary! My Steelers are out of the playoffs, so I really don't care who wins what game anymore, but I'll root for the Packers just so that you can get some guests!


Happy Anniversary!! Rusty and Davy are so cute in their plaids!! That plant is so interesting. I'm sure it appreciated the attention. Tampa is in the playoffs and everyone here is going crazy. I can imagine watching the Packers in freezing cold- I watched the Buckeyes play in snow and cold. Good luck to your Packers. Maybe they'll play Tampa.


Happy anniversary! The photo of Rusty and Davy is adorable. Buffalo plaid is just perfect for your little guy.


Belated anniversary wishes to you and Rusty, Vicki! :-) And that little Davy!!! What a sweetheart! I'll bet he gets all sorts of ideas . . . being the youngest sib and trying to keep up with his "elders!" Sorry about your Packers. . . (I don't really follow football, but did hear the results of that game.)


Happy Anniversary!! (and I am so sorry about the Packers! Gah!)

Caffeine Girl

Congratulations! That's an impressive achievement.
It was 1 degree when I ran errands today, and it felt pleasant!


Congratulations on 37 years! and I sure hope the Packers loss on Saturday didn't impact your bookings ... because surely folks were needing a weekend away someplace COLD to enjoy the winter, right?

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