Now and then
Random January Weekending

Right Now... February straight ahead!

Anticipating... the arrival of virtual-visit Covid tests.

Celebrating... my mother, and what would have been her 84th birthday on the 31st.

Enjoying... my sister's visit! It's been so fun having her family all so close by, able to walk over for a visit or to have dinner, swinging around the corner to pick her up on the way to the store. They've been back & forth between here & Madison a few times... tomorrow they head back down there, and we won't see them again until summer. They are flying back to Lima a week from today.

Hoping... just... holding on and HOPING! Y'know that the end finally comes into view.


Knitting... I've been quite lackadaisical about knitting/crocheting all month. Recovering from holiday hoopla. Enjoying my sister & family. Being quiet.

I am in the process of ripping a couple of rounds of the border on Hexi Love... maybe all the way to the beginning. I'm just not happy with it, so I'll keep doing it until I am. It would be nice to have that project finished, though (so close).

I'm not doing the actual knitting yet, but I have been deep into planning a Temperature Blanket project (whenever I find a spare minute)!


Those are spreadsheets with hi/lo temperatures for each of us (from birthdate to first birthday, in the location where we were at the time), a simple sketch/worksheet, a not-to-scale mock up on paper, and Rusty's chart and row-by-row instructions.

The idea is a 12" x 60" panel for each of us with hi/lo temps for each day. It'll be garter stitch, so two rows/one ridge for each day, with a little bit of intarsia -- the curving line represents hours of day/night. Rusty was born in Southern California the day after Christmas, so his "day/night" chart is close to symmetrical. I was born in Milwaukee and lived most of my first year in Escanaba, MI, so mine is a little different. The girls are basically all the same, with their birthdays falling between April 16-25; the temperature/color is where differences will be interesting! Kate represents the Oregon Coast, and Ali & Maddy are NE Wisconsin. They'll be sewn together in the end, probably with Rusty & me flanking the girls. But we shall see. There's a lot of knitting to do -- but the data already exists, so I am not limited by current/future events.

Inspired by a bunch of people:

So those are my rainbow-y colors, above; Rowan Felted Tweed (mainly because I already have at least one ball of each color, and dye lots are not going to matter if/when I need more) for a large garter stitch throw; coldest (-19F) on bottom left, warming as you move right and follow around to the top row and hottest (97F) on top left.

Looking forward to... 85°F (or so) and a week in Puerto Rico soon. I'd booked this vacation back in September when things were looking pretty good for travel, and PR was an "easy" destination. Omicron changed that, however, and now PR requires a negative Covid test within 48 hours of arrival, and I've been getting increasingly worried about securing said test. I stopped at Walgreens last night to talk about it... and learned that they'd administered their last in-stock test yesterday morning, tests are now on back order and they have no idea of delivery. GREAT (not!). At least we won't have to test to return (knock on wood!).

Needing... to find a travel project that is more portable than a rainbow blanket! I am thinking socks for Viv, but I know me... and I'm going to need more than one project, even if I actually work on neither!

Organizing... my workroom/office (always!) is a complete disaster. But at some point in the near future, I will be removing/archiving all of the coffee shop bookkeeping/records, and that will give me room (even if it's just head space).

Planning... a trip to Denver with Kate at the end of April! She'll be here for a couple of weeks April-May, and she just told me this morning that she's been approved for an even longer vacation in July -- when Maddy & Viv plan to be here, as does Ann & fam! A regular ol' reunion in the works!! (Can we adopt the UK vacation/leave policies please???)

Reading... I've been as lackadaisical about reading as I have about knitting/crocheting.


Sewing... I'm not sewing anything yet, but when I saw this fabric at Target the other day -- on a pair of knit bellbottom pants -- and discovered that each leg has only one seam -- my gears started turning. There isn't a particular pattern/garment in mind yet, but they'll eventually transform into something for the girls -- a top, a skirt, a dress... I don't know. On a whim, I tried them on when I got home and was surprised that they actually fit (yay for stretchy knits), even if they're a bit long. Annie bought a pair two and want us to wear them together! What a sight! Maybe I can make a headband or something out of the waistband for myself. I just can't get over that print -- so simple, but so much to love!


Thinking about... what the end game is with this amaryllis! Methinks there must be or was a bug.

Watching... Around the World in 80 Days, All Creatures Great & Small, Finding Your Roots.


Wondering... What's up with you right now!?




Well now! That is one fancy hat!!! Thanks for the smile today.

What's up with me right now .............waiting for snow (LOTS of snow), knitting on socks and drinking buckets of tea.

Happy weekend!


Wishing you good luck with testing. I looked for test kits all over about two weeks ago, and couldn't find any, so now I'm just waiting for my free ones. They'll surely show up soon since the usps is delivering them. ;-) But warmth in PR and the prospect of a future reunion sound wonderful. I swear I had a pair of pants like that in the 70s!


Omg, I just have to tell you……my amaryllis looks exactly like yours? What the what!


I hope your testing situation works itself out. I'm really excited that you are going to Puerto Rico, I've considered it as a great tropical destination but I don't know anyone who has actually been there. Your blankets are going to be EPIC! And hooray for family visits, definitely something to look forward to for the summer.


Puerto Rico is simply a glorious place! I hope you can find tests and soon! (I was there a lifetime ago... I was number 1 in sales at my job and won a trip! It was a pricey hotel, way out of my budget... but gosh it was just a glorious time! I loved every inch of the island... and the people! It was truly an amazing place to visit!)

I love your Temperature Blankets! I would love to do something similar... but with stitching. I am tossing a few ideas around... it is still very much in the planning stages yet!


I am delighted to hear about the big planned family reunion! And I certainly hope you can manage to find a test before the planned trip to PR. Did you sign up for the free ones from the federal government? Of course, there's no telling when those will show up, but I'm glad we at least put in our request.

I saw those flower-print pants at Target today and thought of you!

We are thankfully not affected by the big snowstorm here, but it's pretty darn cold out, and all anyone can talk about here is the bridge collapse yesterday. Very scary stuff, but could've been much much worse!


Family visits are so much fun. Gin looks like she is having fun- she is quite the fashion plate. Sorry about your amaryllis maybe it can recover. Frogging your border, oh dear.
Love that black and white print-I keep running into it online, since I don't go out much.
No snow here but lots of rain coming my way.

Margie D.

I'm trying to figure out how to get a Sidekick spinning wheel from Hamilton, Ontario to Chicago, IL without shipping it. We may be thwarted by the need for a covid test to both get into and out of Canada...


Ginny. LOVE!
There is so much good stuff packed into your post, Vicki, I just don't know where to start. Your blanket plants. THOSE PANTS. Travel envy. Family plans. It's all SO GOOD!!!


OMG - GINNY!!! She is SUCH a hoot. Love her style. Those pants crack me up...your temperature blanket plans have me thinking...I may need to do one. Enjoy PR - I'm sure it will be so great to get away. My little bro and friends just got back from Costa Rica - they did have to test to re-enter the US. Your family reunion plans sound wonderful. So much love in this post!!


What a great catch up ... and what a treat for reading all the way to the end :-) Your blanket is inspired and (as I'm now 33 days into a simple temperature scarf) not inspiring, so I'm grateful for that! Fingers and toes crossed y'all can travel - and the girls can, too. 2022 is gonna be a better year for sure!

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