Unraveled Wednesday: Ooops!


It's the First Day of Spring and it feels like it!

It's also the 18th anniversary of my sitting down to create this blog! How about that? It kinda blows my mind! It's overwhelming to think of all that has happened in these 18 years (much of it recorded within). The biggest perk is having met so many wonderful people -- some virtually, some in real life. I can't imagine my life without any of it.

My first blog post didn't even have a photo, but I did talk about knitting (of course... it's almost all we talked about on blogs for a very long time) and being inspired by knitters! Though the platforms have changed, and we can be connected in many other ways, I continue to be inspired by knitters... and so much more!


Rusty's panel of the Temperature Blanket with shadow from the pergola. I'm just about half-way! I'm not super excited about the sections striped with Cumin & Ginger (especially that big one just finished on the top left), but it is what it is. There are so many exciting colors that aren't even tapped for this panel... I can't wait to move on!


I don't know how I managed to purl half a row in a 100% garter stitch project... but I did! And I'm leaving that, too.

Thanks for being here!




I love your temperature blanket and you have done quite a bit on it. Good for you leaving the purled row. I find projects like that are so easy to just zone out as you knit (or purl). I started to nod off while knitting socks earlier. Yesterday was gorgeous here - in the 70's. Today is kind of grey and damp (no rain...yet...) and the wind is howling again. I think Spring is here though - the birds are singing their Spring songs. We may have cooler weather still, but I don't think we will feel Winter again for a number of months (fingers crossed).


Congratulations on 18 years - that's a major accomplishment! I'm very glad you sat down and started this blog all those years ago, I'm grateful for our friendship!


And what a glorious 18 years, Vicki! Thanks so much for being her and sharing your knitting -- and your life -- with us. :-) I think the cumin/ginger stripes will work well in the overall panel . . . and that one odd row of purling gives the project some real-life character! XOXO


Congratulations on 18 Years! I am nodding with Kym's comment... I am so grateful for you being here and sharing so beautifully!

I am loving Rusty's panel! (and yes, I love that purl row!)


18 years is a lot -- congrats on keeping this blog going for that long!

The blanket is looking spectacular. It's really going to be something when it's all put together if this panel is any indication. I even like that purl row; it's a reminder that this blanket is made by a human. Now I wonder if you'll put in a purl row on purpose on all the panels going forward.


Congratulations on 18 great years and congratulations on your next epic blanket project! Eighteen years of blogging is something to be proud of. That purl row is something I've done on almost each one of my Hitchhikers; now I'm wondering if I should do it on purpose and leave it in!


Happy blogiversary! Thank you for all you share. I found your blog while researching Fibonocci numbers in knitting.

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