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3TT: Gozalandia

I've been having a hard time putting together a post (or two or three) about Puerto Rico. There's a lot going on right now -- in the world, in my life. I wake up one day, such as yesterday (my day off), thinking that I'm going to tackle taxes & bookkeeping, only to end up running out to buy a laptop for a certain adorable nephew in Peru (his logic board fried), shipping it to arrive across the state by Friday to Annie's boss (who happens to be visiting for a few days), who will then schlep it back to Lima/said nephew. By the time that was done, it was noon. I grabbed a quick bite for lunch, and then had a scheduled video chat with Kate to get her taxes filed & paid (she was running into a roadblock), along with some other chit-chat (for an hour), and then I needed a nap. Ali & the kids were due after dance class! I guess I did get some tax-related stuff done, as originally planned, but it wasn't mine!

So let's try small bites, shall we?

I'm joining Carole & friends today for Three Things on Thursday... 

The only concrete engagement on our vacation "itinerary" was a guided trip to Gozalandia Falls on Saturday, from which I have three photos to share.


I had a couple of vouchers from Airbnb -- perks for maintaining Superhost status -- and we'd enjoyed our first Airbnb Experience in Mexico (just before the world shut down in 2020), so I searched for something similar in Puerto Rico. Our host/guide was Reynaldo, and he was intimately familiar with the whole property, having helped build some of the infrastructure (paths, stairs, etc.).

Rusty's taking a dip in the pool at the first falls. There is also a rope swing for sailing out over the water -- hopefully beyond the big boulder just under the surface -- and splashing into the pool. Rusty didn't do that, but it sure was fun watching other people do it!


It wasn't easy getting photos without people in them! Certainly most visitors found their way all by themselves, and we could easily have visited and enjoyed these falls without a guide.


But without Reynaldo, I would never have walked up behind one of the falls. Nor would I have hiked through the river from one waterfall to the other. I have few photos because all my stuff was in Reynaldo's dry-bag backpack, and good thing. I didn't fall, but I definitely needed my hands to steady myself a few times, jumping from rock to rock, sliding down bigger boulders, and needed all my wits about me instead of worrying about my phone getting wet (or dropping it). It was a fun -- wet & dirty -- challenge!

I didn't know just how dirty until we got home -- after stopping at the supermarket -- and noticing that my butt was not only wet, but super muddy, too! Rusty never told me! I bought a small bottle of laundry detergent on our next trip to the store and did some laundry in the sink. (Because my packing skills were MIA when prepping for this trip and I actually had only a few appropriate/practical/things-I-wanted-to-wear clothing items.)


We learned that the movie A Perfect Getaway was filmed at Gozalandia Falls!


The movie is actually set in Hawaii, but it was cheaper to film the waterfall scene in Puerto Rico, even having to truck in thousands of flowers... and equipment, crew, etc.! I was surprised to see Timothy Oliphant as one of the leads, along with one of the Hemsworth brothers, and we enjoyed it more than expected.




That looks like great fun! I think small bites are the perfect way to share a trip with us.


This is a lovely small bite and I will look forward to more as you find the time to share them. The falls look very nice and that is a great photo of you and Rusty. (We can't even see your muddy butt!)


What a gorgeous place, Vicki! I love that you were able to take full advantage of having a knowledgable guide -- and get a bit "closer to nature" on your adventure. (Muddy butts are a Good Thing, as is putting your camera away for awhile . . . to just enjoy the adventure with confidence.) It's amazing how One Little Thing can mess up your entire "planned" schedule, y'know? But you did a great thing by helping get that computer to Peru! (And ugh with the taxes. I'm right there with you. . . ) XO


I think if you are oblivious to having a muddy butt, it's a sure sign that you've had an enjoyable day!


I am nodding at the tax issue. I need to get that all started today!

But I love this little bite from Puerto Rico! What a fun little trek! :)


This was a great little snippet of your trip. You were brave to hike all over the wetness. Love the pic of you and Rusty. You both look younger and rested. Getting the computer to your nephew was definately a community effort! I'm sure he appreciates it. Sounds like you could use more chocolate in your life.

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