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3TT: Some numbers

Three Things on Thursday... 

Thing 1:

I have about 150 rows to go before Rusty's temperature panel is complete!


This was taken early yesterday evening... there was a fair bit of knitting afterwards to a couple of episodes of Yellowstone! I am so excited to start another panel!

I am especially happy with how much Rusty likes it!

Thing 2:



Are you still playing Wordle everyday? I think of it as a good way to engage my brain every morning. I've played more games than this, but for the past 54 days, I've been playing exclusively on my phone; therefore, accurate stats. Most days, I also play Quordle... usually after my brain's been good & engaged for a while! haha. I like that there's a practice mode.

Thing 3:

My #1 daughter has her #1 official Colossal by-line.


Check it! 




These are all good things, but Thing Three! WOW! That is awesome! Wooo hooo, Kate! Well done!!



I smiled at all 3 things on Thursday- I had a rotten day-someone(microsoft) uploaded new stuff and now I 'm having issues recovering my files. I've heard of Wordle but what is Quordle?


Temp blanket is brilliant. Thanks for the Quordle req. One Wordle is never enough.


Every time you post a blanket panel update, I am inspired and also glad I am not having to deal with all those ends, so thanks for knitting this blanket so I can experience it without having to knit it myself. And way to go, Kate!


What great stuff, Vicki!!! Your EPIC temperature blanket is going to be The Coolest (warmest?)!!! I have not played Wordle (or heard of Qourdle), but I do the NY Times crossword every day -- and I usually do the daily Spelling Bee, too. XO


"Only" 150. . . Only a knitter would say "only."


all the things you share are "cool things" and I love you for that!


Your temperature blanket is another Epic Blanket by Vicki ©! I've been out of the loop until now, but congratulations to Kate and thanks for teaching me about Colossal, El Anatsui, and now a libration timelapse of the moon when I searched Kate on Colossal!


Those are excellent things! I still play Wordle ever day but my streak isn't accurate - I haven't had a day where I didn't get the answer (yet), which is awesome!


I do Wordle and Dordle daily...haven't tried Quordle yet...I simply love your temp blanket - and I can't wait to see another panel alongside Rusty's!! YAY Kate - Congratulations!!

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