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Unraveled Wednesday: Vacation Knitting

Puerto Rico in a... shell (or two)

Rusty & I had a great vacation in Puerto Rico and both got what we needed most...


Him: Lots of beach time.


Me: Lots of sleep.


I slept in every single day, and napped when I could, too.


We did much more, and I'll tell the tales...


...but mostly it was this.


And a little of that! I'll have more to say about that tomorrow for Unraveled Wednesday... but right now, I'll say that I'm still amazed at how much that colorway (Hellebore) matches the coral that Rusty found, and that'll make it the perfect reminder of the trip (since we left the coral behind).


Rusty's "note" became a lovely record of our week in Puerto Rico.

_ _ _ _ _

Meanwhile, my heart is in Ukraine. I am so uplifted by some of the stories I've read about Ukrainians...

Ukrainian Librarians

...along those lines.

And their president is incredible.

I am also lifted by the amazing work of people like Chef José Andrés and World Central Kitchen, who are not only helping to feed hungry people in Ukraine, but all over the world. If there is a disaster and a need for food, WCK is there, slinging hash and taking care of people. I've donated what we might otherwise spend going out for dinner, and perhaps you'd consider a donation, too.




I love the colors of your Hellebore; can you tell me who the dyer is? I…may need some.

Glad you got away! And World Central Kitchen looks like a great organization.


I'm so glad you had a great vacation and I look forward to hearing more about it. And that message just tells you, don't mess with librarians.


I am so glad you had such a great time away! My heart is with Ukraine as well (although I have also read some really disturbing stories of Ukrainians trying to leave the country... all things are not equal)

It is hard to see that there will be a common sense ending to all of this...


I loved seeing Rusty's beach notes on IG, and enjoy seeing the reprise here, along with your Hellebore/Coral knitting. I hope you can keep some of that vacation vibe going. I think all of our thoughts and hearts are with Ukraine, and thank you for the WCK link.


I was just thinking of my Hellebore skein (that tired to be a Hitchhiker but couldn't quite make it) - might be time to bring that out again! Love Rusty's beach notes and glad you got so much rest!! Love the Ukraine Library note - PERFECT!!


I so enjoyed following along with your vacation on IG! It looked just perfect, and I'm so glad you were able to get what you (both) needed. And the yarn/coral "match" was just vaction serendipity at its best! Thanks so much for sharing the info about World Central Kitchen, Vicki. It's definitely an organization I want to support. Welcome home. XO


Your pictures from your vacation were a balm for the soul for me, so I can only imagine how rejuvenating your time away was.

I say it's high time they give Jose Andres the Nobel Peace Prize! He does more for people suffering around the world than most world leaders.


All I can think about is Ukraine!
Your vacation looked so beautiful and so peaceful. What a fantastic place to be for a week!


OK so I read Wed before Tues.( in my defense Tues wasn't on my blog feed) Do you have a big jar or brandy sniffter for all the shells? The coral and the shawl should do a selfie together.
My maternal grandparents were from Ukraine. I'm so distress that Putin is getting away with killing all the civilians. It makes me think of Hitler and how no one would believe that he was a bully and a psycho. ALL the allies must band together to put a stop to this.

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