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My weather app and the weather are on two different planes this morning, and I couldn't be happier. It's been gloomy/damp all week and I expected the same today; instead, the sun is shining (though some clouds) and it's wonderful! It may still rain later, but I've thoroughly enjoyed the surprise sun break.


Kate picked up the keys to her new flat yesterday -- hers & only hers! She gave us all a video tour and it's adorable! Lots of storage, a small guest room, a big bathroom (by Euro standards), and an amazing kitchen. I'll share more photos as she settles in. The flowers are from her new landlady!

Meanwhile, she will be here a month from today! That visit will include another #whirlwindarttripwithkate! Man, it's been a while. This time we're going to Denver, which also ticks another box on my list of revisiting places where I lived as a child. I'll also be meeting up with an old friend of my mom who still lives there -- Char lived in the same apartment complex and had a son, Davy, who was my age. It was in Denver, when I was 18 months old, that my twin sisters were born, and we lived there for about a year.

I am giving the CSA a year off. I will visit their farm store from time to time, and I've ordered plants! I won't pick them up until mid-May, but I'm looking forward to growing basil, celery, zucchini, tomatoes, watermelon, and bush beans. 

I'm so excited that Maddy, Viv & Kate have all secured their tickets for visiting in July, as have Ann & her family. It's going to be a fun summer!

And Rusty, Kate & I are knee-deep in planning a late September trip to Scotland! It's going to be epic if it all pans out: more Highlands, Orkney, Harris & Lewis, Skye, and Edinburgh. Y'know I love planning a vacation, and usually I'm pretty loose about it -- one or two things set in stone, and the rest is "come what may." But when time is short and there are multiple ferries operating on schedules that can vary depending on what day of the week it is, then planning ahead is crucial. And I'm on it! So much fun.

Regarding all of that... fingers are crossed, I'm knocking on wood, and wishing on falling stars!

It occurred to me that I never shared a finished photo of the laundry room here.


We're so happy to have that job done, and we cleaned out so much junk & streamlined/optimized a few things in the process. As of today, the tops of the washer & dryer are still visible!

Last, but definitely not least, it's Malina's birthday today!


Can you believe that this little sprite (sporting evidence of a yummy Girl Scout cookie) is FOUR today?!!




Happy, Happy Birthday, Malina! I have no idea how she grew to be four already, but she looks like a very sweet four-year-old. I've been following Kate on IG, and am happy to hear about her move (I love the actual key!), and all the travel news is very happy news indeed. I will also be keeping my fingers crossed and wishing on whatever I can find to wish on, that all of this comes to be!


Oh Malina! How is she four already? Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.

I can't wait to see Kate's new place and what a lovely bouquet from her landlady. Her keys are so cool.

You and Rusty have so much to look forward to - wandering girls coming home for a bit and then becoming wanderers yourselves. FUN!!!

C&M are not doing the CSA this year (obviously - living in Austin does not make sense to do a CSA up here). I was a little tempted to join in their place, but honestly they received way too much produce from it and I know Fletch and I would use it all. That farm is at the local Farmers' Market, so I can still buy from them...just not in massive quantities!


Malina can't be four already! She is such a cutie! Your laundry room looks wonderful- what a change.
All the traveling your family does is exciting. I love hearing about your adventures. Loved when I went to Denver, nice yarn shops there. Kates keys are so unique and flowers from her landlady is a great touch.


Happy 4th birthday to Malina! I'm so happy thinking about your summer of having everyone together - what an amazing thing to have happening! And Scotland. Tots jealous.


I can't believe Malina is FOUR! And there are so many wonderful things in this post -- new flats, new plants, vacation plans. I'm just sitting here smiling!


Love your laundry room floor. I had to chuckle about the top of the washer/dryer - mine is never cleared off!


oh Vicki YAAYYAAAYYAYAY!!! Not one but TWO visits from Kate, finally seeing Maddie & Viv, a trip to Scotland, and that cutie turning FOUR?! blessings upon blessings. and all the fingers crossed for fall trip to Scotland. (also a bit of vicarious travel? Scotland is on my bucket list and maybe I'll get there next year!)


I am chuckling at the washer/dryer tops as well (Okay... confessions, I have a top loading washer, so it is always sans laundry clutter) the dryer tho... all bets are off on that ever seeing the light of day! HA

I am sending all the good travel juju for all these fun trips and visits! And Happy Happy Birthday Malina!


I cannot believe that Malina is FOUR already! But there she is! Four. And so sweet. XO I love your laundry room, Vicki. I know it probably will still attract . . . life . . . but it looks like a most cheerful (and even inspiring!) place to do the laundry. I'm so excited about your family-summer . . . AND that trip to Scotland!!! I still dream of my (too brief) time on the Isle of Skye. (In my dreams, I live there. . . ) What good stuff. (Also -- my sister and I would highly recommend the Highland Park distillery tour if you're in/near Kirkwall in the Orkneys.) XOXO

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