Unraveled Wednesday: Vacation Knitting

Supporting Ukrainian knit/crochet designers

I get a little irritated with Ravelry sometimes when 3-4 months go by and there's nothing new on the Home page.

There's a new post as of yesterday, though, that is on point. "Search designers by country..." specifically Ukraine. (There's much more info on Rav about how to customize the search as desired.)

Ravelry is waiving invoices for February sales of Ukraine-based designers and will continue to do so while the conflict/war persists.

I've made purchases this morning from a couple of designers and thought that you might like to consider doing the same. I'll likely go back and buy a few more because, WOW, there are some beauties!


Sunrise from the newly dubbed Sunrise-Viewing Room (aka, Garden Room) (thanks, Cathy!).

I hope that peace & freedom are soon restored, and that you have a wonderful weekend.




What a great idea! Thanks for pointing me in that direction, Vicki! XO


I saw that post from Ravelry. Off to check it out more thoroughly.


Great idea and good for you for promoting it.


Oooh, that sunrise!

I've made a donation to WCK and will donate to some other aid agencies, but this is a great idea to help some individuals.


I rarely check Ravelry's home page, so thank you for letting us know about this. I've looked at a few patterns but will check this out thoroughly. There's something poignant about thinking about these peaceful knitting designers and wondering what their current circumstances are like.


Love the garden room view! I bought some patterns from Ukrainian designers.


Great idea Vicki - thanks!! Love your sunrise pictures.


Carol Sulcoski also wrote a blog post that highlighted some incredible Ukrainian knitwear designers! (http://www.blackbunnyfibers.com/supporting-our-own/)

(And that sunrise! Wow!)

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