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Unraveled Wednesday: My 2nd FO of '22

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today for Unraveled Wednesday...


As mentioned the other day, I finished Close To You over the weekend -- bound off on Friday, blocked on Saturday, modeled on Sunday, and worn on Monday!


Ginny was my "it" girl... STRIKE A POSE!

  • My Ravelry Project Page: Close to Puerto Rico
  • Pattern: Close To You by Justyna Lorkowska
  • Yarn: Make.Do Be (Hellebore colorway)
  • Needles:  US 6
  • Start to Finish: March 5-14, 2022

Cast on & set up just before leaving on vacation (because traveling with long straight aluminum knitting needles in a carry-on), it was the only project I worked on while in Puerto Rico.

I wasn't so sure... I love that colorway, but it was looking a little muddy at first. The little pops of green some nice sections of the stronger colors, along with the texture & overall design -- it looked better as I progressed, and I'm glad I stuck with it. It looks great with black, which is the color I wear most often.


It looks great with polka dots, too!


Well, last night there was some ripping... 10 rows yanked because I spotted this:


My stitch count was off the other night and I "fixed" it, thinking I knew where the problem was. The real problem was here, at the beginning of the row and I never noticed until I picked up my knitting last night and, of course, it was glaringly obvious! I pondered possible solutions for about one second, and then started to rip... it was the only way!

So, 10 rows backward and a bunch more forward, and now I'm here:


The colors are a tad more vivid in this photo than in real life, but it's close. The day/high temp side will "grow" and the nights/low temp side will "shrink" by about 10 more stitches before they start going back the other way. This panel will be quite symmetrical since Rusty was born just a few days past Winter Solstice.


I continue listening to AGATHA OF LITTLE NEON.




Ginny may already have a career in line! She is a fabulous model and you are correct - the shawl is great with polka dots! And black. Sorry for the ripping out on your temp blanket, but glad you are back on track. It is so pretty.


Ginny might just be the cutest knitwear model ever! I think the shawl is great and I love the color and I'm glad you stuck with it. The blanket is looking fantastic and how nice that it will be so even since Rusty was born near the solstice.


What a cute little model you have for your Close To You. I like that colorway. Very pretty and very versatile.


Oh, Ginny. I just love her. XO And she's doing a great job with the modeling gig! I think that color is perfect for a Close To You. I'm so glad you stuck with it! (It's that "real estate" thing again. Sometimes it's so hard to tell at first . . . ) Your temperature blanket is pretty darn amazing! I love seeing it come together.


Ginny really knows how to strike a pose, and she looks fabulous in the shawl! Also, the hellebores have started to bloom around the neighborhood, and I think of your yarn every time I see them.


Ginny... you win the internet today! And yes, that scarf looks excellent with polka dots! :)

Your temperature blanket is absolutely amazing! It is going to be so spectacular!


Ginny is the best knitwear model; I especially love the second photo! And your yarn dyeing and that shawl are pretty awesome, too!

gale z

Your model is darling! The scarf is sweet, too:-)


Gin looks so cute in Close to you. Oh dear at having to tink 10 rows! did it effect your little green piccot?


Great shawl, great model!


Stunning FO Model ... and the FO turned out great, too! I'm loving your temperature project - it's so much fun to see it all come together to tell such an interesting and detailed story :-)

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