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Unraveled Wednesday: Ooops!

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today for Unraveled Wednesday...


Y'know, Rusty's panel for the Temperature Blanket.


It's coming along... I'm at about 200 "days."


My stitch count was off last night and I found a dropped stitch. I didn't have a crochet hook handy, so it's on hold for now.


I finished listening to AGATHA OF LITTLE NEON the day after our book club discussion. I had less than an hour of listening when we met, so I was able to fit together some random pieces from the conversation!

I am currently listening to MIRACLE AND WONDER: CONVERSATIONS WITH PAUL SIMON by Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Hedlam & Paul Simon, with contributions from others such as Sting, Rosanne Cash, Art Garfunkel. It is fascinating!!




It least it looks like you don't to do too much to fix that dropped stitch! I imagine your current book is quite an interesting listen. There are probably no nuns in it, either! ;-)


That will be an easy fix when you've got a crochet hook nearby. I would never have put Paul Simon and Malcolm Gladwell together, but I bet it's interesting. Especially with Sting and Roseanne Cash added to the mix!


You've got me curious about that Paul Simon book! Good that you caught that dropped stitch early so the fix will be easy.


I love your temperature blanket, Vicki! It's going to be a true masterpiece. :-) And the book! That sounds really interesting! XO


I tried listening to Agatha of little Neon- I only got thru 2-3 chapters and gave up. I've downloaded Paul simon and Malcolm Gladwell. I love both of them.


I really liked Agatha... I know all did not. But it was such a great discussion! :)

That Paul Simon Book looks interesting!

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