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Unraveled Wednesday: Vacation Knitting

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today for Unraveled Wednesday...


I brought a bunch of mini-skeins of yarn for some small crochet things that I thought I might do -- even put it in my carry-on -- but I never even looked at it.

I had some balls of yarn, DPNs, and a couple of gnome patterns... but I didn't look at that, either.

I was recently reminded how much I loved knitting & wearing my Close To You shawl and I've always wanted to knit another, so at the last minute I wound up a ball of yarn that's been hanging around, gathered needles & pattern, cast on and knit the first couple of rows, and tucked it all in my suitcase.


It was perfect for vacation, as it starts small and grows. I'd knit while we caught up on Olympics or watched a movie before bed, and it was great for knitting on the beach, too.


I love the subtle pops of green...


...and I think that those pops will get a little bigger & brighter as I progress through the skein.


Maybe those bits of "neon green" spoke to my subconscious... I've finally begun reading again! I started AGATHA OF LITTLE NEON on Monday and should be finished in time for the discussion.


As established a while ago, it wasn't practical to bring my Temperature Blanket along on vacation, but I could bring the data/charts that still needed work! Everything is stored in a Google Drive folder, and Rusty brought his laptop. I took a planned break for an hour on Sunday afternoon and attended my first Vogue Knitting Live event -- a virtual talk by Cara about temperature/data projects! I was happily surprised that she gave my project a little shout-out in the presentation -- along with Kay Gardiner's projects (plural!), Suraya Hossain's Heirloom Temperature Blanket, and Tara Seifrit's NH Year 1 Temperature Blanket (one of my biggest inspirations when planning my design) (which I hope works). Inspired (again), I did a little work on my chart and nearly have it finished!

Anyway, I can't wait to get back to that project -- and my Hexie crocheted project -- but I'm really into knitting this shawl right now. First, the colorway is HELLEBORE (which I dyed a few years ago in a couple of yarn weights), and it'll be perfect for SPRING (which is happening this month), and it sure seems like a long time since I've had a finished object that wasn't a gnome or a hat. So, it's going fast and I'm just going to go 'til it's done, and then back to all those other things!




I love my Close To You shawl . . . that I knit several years ago and have long been planning to knit another! That hellebore shade is perfectly named and just beautiful. It will be a terrific spring knit. (After working on my big brown blob sweater for Tom, I am VERY ready to knit something in a lovely color.) So glad to hear you're enjoying Agatha! :-) (And I always pack stuff for vacation that I never touch. But I am prepared!!!) XO


I have knit several Close To You shawls... but have given every single one away. I think I need to remedy that! I have more than one "precious" skein in my stash so I can pick one that speaks to me! :)

(and I loved Agatha! Can't wait for the discussion!)


I've been meaning to knit Close to You, and I even have a skein of yarn in my stash that I've mentally been designating for that pattern, so maybe this is a sign that I finally need to knit it. I love how yours is working up, and the name is just perfect for the colors.


Yes, like Kym, always good to be prepared!! You've convinced me to bring out my skein of Hellebore again. It did not work as a Hitchhiker, but perhaps as Close to You. I've knit that pattern and really enjoy it. I am in awe of all the temperature blankets out there. I really love the NH Year 1 Blanket with the day and night temps. Inspiring. Unlike Matrix, I really enjoyed Agatha!


Your Hellebore/Coral shawl is lovely, and I'm glad you packed the perfect vacation knitting. I've never knit Close to You, but you have me considering it. I'm glad you're enjoying Agatha!


I suspect many of us are familiar with the packing of knitting we never touch while on vacation. Ha! Your shawl is lovely and that Hellebore color is divine and perfectly named.


I love Close to You- I had my students knit one and there wasn't an ugly one anywhere. I did mine in Urth fingering. Yours is beautiful. Love the colors. Your temperature blanket should be beautiful considering the temp variations you get. Since it is almost always nice here I'm not doing one. Will we get some beach pix? Happy you had fun- you needed it.


Welcome home! I so enjoyed the daily "at the beach... again" photos on Instagram and I'm just delighted y'all had such a lovely vacation. The hellebores here look just like the colors in your shawl. I can't wait to see more. and to see you working again on your temperature blankets (SSSS!!!) I started a small scarf project this year and I'm enjoying it.

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