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Unraveled Wednesday: My 2nd FO of '22


I started the bind-off of Close to You on Friday night while awaiting the arrival of Airbnb guests...


...and, to my surprise, I finished it!

That meant that on Saturday, I gave the shawl and soak and spread it out on the blocking mat to dry.


There are quite a few little picots along the bound-off edge, but only ONE of them is GREEN! I love it. Details on Wednesday!

On Saturday & Sunday, I was back to Temperature knitting!


It's grown by quite a few rows even since this photo was taken. Update on Wednesday!

We've hit the laundry room floor project in earnest since we returned from vacation. I've been finding all sorts of relics and old papers -- receipts & warranties for things we don't have anymore, business bookkeeping that could have been tossed several years ago already.

Back in the day, when we had only one computer, the "laundry room" was the nerve center! I kept books, paid bills, did ancestry research; the kids played (educational) video games and/or wrote fan fiction; Rusty could barely turn on a computer at that point in time. Times sure change.


That's the first digital camera I bought... a whopping 4.1 megapixels! (The camera on my current phone is 12!) We have two of these cameras, because Sharon's came into our possession after she died. I was thinking of donating them, but they might be put to better use by the kiddos -- they can document their gardening this summer (among other things).

At Christmas, I gave them a year-long, weekly "Gardening for Kids" course offered by a local naturalist. I print out each week's lesson & give it to Ali to add to the main binder; they each have a smaller binder with all sorts of paper -- graph paper for plotting, plain paper for drawing, lined paper for writing -- a cute notebook, markers, etc. They're beginning prep to start seeds soon!

Ali & the kids came over yesterday -- it's the first time I've seen the kids since returning from vacation, as they were passing a little bug around amongst themselves last week! I recruited a new model... you can get a little preview of the finished Close To You shawl in my Instagram Story.




That was a quick knit- love your little peek of green (spring is closse). Can't wait to see the kiddos garden this summer. I'm sure Ali will have them cook some of their produce.


I love that one little pop of green! I remember those days of having just one computer in the house . . . times sure have changed!


I'm laughing - we still have just one computer in the house...and it's my work laptop! LOL Love that pop of green and I'm excited for the kids' gardens - what a wonderful gift!!!


The kids will love having those cameras. Who knows? You may grow yourself a budding photojournalist.


I am so excited about the gardening course for the kids! What a great gift -- and what a grand adventure they (and you and Ali!) will have. And . . . having seen the modeled shots on the IGs over the weekend I can say it is PERFECTION -- the shawl AND your adorable model. XOXO


I loved all the poses and expressions that your model struck! That shawl is wonderful (with its one green picot) and the model is awesome!


That one green picot seems like a perfect little delight for this time of year, when the first sign that spring is coming is a little pop of green!

I still remember my first digital camera. I think it was really fancy at the time because it had something like 2 or 3 megapixels!


Small things like that one green picot bring such joy! :)

And I think the gardening project sounds incredible! (and what a great way to document it!)

Margie D.

Kids LOVE cameras! And what fun to have a digital camera, so there's no end to how many pictures they can take. My kids had the best time with our old camera, I am sure your gang will too.

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