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500 Miles

On a bit of a whim the other day, I signed up with The Conqueror Events to walk 500 miles! I'll be walking (or cycling) (never jogging or running) in real life, but an app will be marking time/distance on a virtual map -- specifically, a map of Scotland's North Coast 500. I've given myself plenty of time to do it, my Fitbit is linked & my steps are added once a day, and I'm excited that I'll be putting down a bunch of steps on the actual North Coast 500 come September.

I'm not making any declarations, but I am trying to make some lifestyle changes/adjustments, and this seemed like fun... my usual "scenery" is definitely not very motivating. I figured I'd learn more about a place that I'll be visiting and maybe discover a must-see thing!

You might imagine that virtual walks were pretty popular during lockdown -- one of my FB friends walked the Camino de Santiago then and it was fun to see her updates. When I finish, I'll get a pretty swanky medal (could have opted for a shirt, too).

I'm barely out of Inverness but marching on! I'll let you know if I find anything interesting...


I recently discovered some amaryllis bulbs that I'd put in the basement to "chill." They were pretty dried out and I wasn't expecting much (especially from the smallest, which is actually "offspring" of the medium one), but they've come back to life!

I'd ordered new bulbs last season. You might remember the one that was deformed (from a bug, I think), but it has an offshoot now, too; the other one was pretty slow to start and is now just a fountain of leaves -- there was never any sign of a flower stalk.

My timing isn't that great, but there's never a bad time for flowers, right? And if I work on timing, there could be a pretty good show next Christmas season.




I love your plan for a 500 mile walk, Vicki! What an awesome way to motivate yourself to keep moving. I hope you'll share your journey with us -- I'd love to hear more. :-) And . . . I feel really terrible because I just found 6 amaryllis bulbs I was "overwintering" in the garage. I forgot all about them. Maybe . . . I'll just start watering them and see what happens??? Because you're right: there's never a bad time for flowers!!!


That sounds like a fun walk Vicki!! I'll be interested to hear about your progress and what you see, etc. And the fact that you will really be there in person later is so cool! I love the idea of amaryllis bulbs growing now (rather than Christmas time).


I too love your plan for that walk, Vicki! I have contemplated that... and I really need to get past the contemplation part to the doing it part! LOL

And go you and those amaryllis (amarylli?) I am hoping for some blooms!


Thanks for sharing your North Coast 500! It's especially cool that you'll be walking virtually and in person in September. I'm going to look through the challenges to see if I can find something that looks doable. I've been trying to walk every day but it is not much fun and if I didn't have John making me do it, I would have quit by now. Thanks for adding some excitement to walking!

Margie D.

I did a walk to Sesame Street last year that was 500 miles. It was a great way to get myself moving every day, especially since I'm still working from home. Yours sounds like lots of fun! My only advice is 1) Make sure you have shoes with good support, and 2) walk every day if possible. I tried going every other and it just didn't work for me, but that may just be my brain.
Happy walking, and thanks for the temperature blanket updates!


What a creative idea for walking. Fun and educational. I'll be looking forward to your posts about this experience. I'm curious as to why you put your bulbs indoors. When I lived in the north I always left my bulbs in the ground since we had freezes in the winter. In Georgia I dug them up and wintered them indoors. but then one year I just left them in the garden and they did great an even multiplied like crazy.
You have so many projects going on at once-It is amazing how you get to them all!


I think these virtual walks are such a great idea. They're so accessible and easy to do. I've never signed up for one officially (meaning I don't get swag, but then again I don't really need it), but last year I walked the equivalent of the length of Great Britain. I definitely want to do a challenge like that again, and I'm looking forward to hearing how yours goes!


I'm looking forward to hearing more about your 500 mile walk and progress! And hooray for found amaryllis!

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