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Random Friday

Our taxes are done. Ali's are done. I have a tiny bit of coffee shop bookkeeping to do for her for 2022 taxes -- she didn't sell until the end of January -- and we (the accountant) want(s) to get that out of the way ASAP. I'm so looking forward to boxing all that stuff up!

It's only TEN DAYS until Kate's home!


I received a parcel from her the other day. One of the benefits of having a daughter living in the UK is that I get TWO Mothers Days! (Unfortunately for me, Australia observes the same date as the US!) She sent me a cool tea towel depicting Edinburgh, a cute card with a "SUPER MUM" pin, and a funny memo pad where I can check my mood(s) and also indicate whether it's "For now" or "Forever."

Ai & the kiddos were over on Wednesday after dance class. I made pigs-in-a-blanket with mini hot dogs and they were a hit! Except that Ginny didn't like the "blanket." Who doesn't like the blanket? Haha.


Jün & Gin had a blast going through all the photos & photo books that I've had printed. One of my favorite things to do at my grandma's house was to look through her photo albums, so I was extra happy to see them so interested. Just wait until they discover the boxes of old photos...


The kids will all be over tomorrow, too, while Ali celebrates her birthday (35!!) on a day-date with her hubby, and then the three big kids will stay overnight.

It would be so nice to spend some time outside with them, but the weather is decidedly NOT GREAT right now -- though a bit better than four years ago when we were buried in snow! It's been extremely windy most of the week and high temps only in the 40s. Not great walking weather, either!


I'd had a pretty great DuoLingo streak going a while back -- 300+ days -- and then I didn't. It's taken quite a while but I'm back! Today will be #24.

Wishing you all a great weekend!




Kate chooses the best gifts, and I know the biggest one will be having her visit soon! It's always a treat to see pictures of the kids, especially when they are engrossed in pictures. I wish I could have sent some of our freakishly warm weather your way. It was in the 80s (86 yesterday) for three days, and that made walking a bit sweaty and uncomfortable. Now we're back in the 60s and I'm much happier with that. Keep the streak going!


The weather for Easter can be so fickle, can't it? We've had years where it's been warm enough to eat outside and then we've had years where it has snowed. Wishing you a fun weekend with the kiddos!


We're expecting some snow flurries tomorrow morning; it's not unusual for us to get a bit of snow in early April, but this is the latest I can remember it happening -- and it's particularly unsettling given that we hit 80 degrees on Thursday! Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead with the kiddos (and I'm with you -- the blanket is the best part of pigs in a blanket!).


Davy in the Turkey Hat!!! I'm sure you had a wonderful weekend with the kiddos. They are all growing up so quickly!! Chilly here...frost on the ground...possibility of rain/snow soon. Where is Spring? Last week it was 80.


Streaks . . . are meant to be broken. (You can always begin again, as you already know.) The weather is total crap. I'm hoping it means that once spring actually arrives, it'll stick around! I'm so excited for your visit with Kate! How long will she stay? LOVE seeing the kids. Thanks so much for sharing them. XO

George Egbuonu

Nice post.


Super MOM and Super GRANDmom! how is it having all four of them together? (and gosh, Davy is getting so big!)

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