Unraveled Wednesday: Panel One is DONE!!

The return of Vas Gr

After a long stretch of Fr Mus, L Leaf & Avo, I'm thrilled for the return of Vas Gr & Fjord!


There are fewer than "3 weeks" left to knit on Rusty's panel, and it's basically just those colors plus a stripe of Lime or Sulfur here & there to the end.

I am getting so excited to start my panel and right away, on the third row, I'll be knitting a brand new color -- Turq! And then soon more new ones -- Astor, Iris, Ssalter, Htrope, Umarine, Bberry, Peony. It's quite a range of temps for November, from a crazy 68F to -1F.

My chart is minimal & compact, so I don't have room to spell out all the color names!

  • Fr Mus = French Mustard
  • L Leaf = Lotus Leaf
  • Avo = Avocado
  • Vas Gr = Vaseline Green
  • Turq = Turquoise
  • Ssalter = Seasalter
  • Htrope = Heliotrope
  • Umarine = Ultramarine
  • Bberry = Billberry

Amazing colors!! I think of them by their "for short" names.




This is really such a fan and nostalgic project!


This is interesting on lots of different levels! Looking forward to Turq and others ...


I am excited to see your panels get started... and seeing them together with Rusty's. I think I am going to see some lovely companion colors... almost like destiny! XO


Thanks for telling us the color names; I could not think what Vas Gr could be! I really like this project of yours.


LOVE the color names, and can totally see why you "think" that way now! (And Vas Gr is one of my favorites among the Felted Tweeds.) XO


And here I was thinking that these colors all had names in some foreign language I'm completely unfamiliar with -- now I just feel silly!


yay! I love those abbreviations ... and seeing your progress!

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