Random Friday

Three More Days!

Can you stand another Random Friday post? It's been a busy week.

This was the view Monday morning out our bedroom window...


Not what anyone wants to see in April, especially in the latter half!

Yesterday I took a stroll at a nature preserve close to work, and the scene had greatly improved.


It's not going to be very warm or sunny today, but the forecast for tomorrow is 73F!!! It'll pretty much be a flash in the pan, but it will be nice... and I know that better weather is not far off.

I had to laugh the other day when I got this notification on DuoLingo:


It cracked me up that I'm getting good at... SHOPPING! I sent a screenshot to Ann and said, "I am my mother's daughter!" (She was a shopper extraordinaire!)

I'm closing in on 10% of the North Coast 500!


That's a screenshot from this morning of where I am and what's ahead. I love the snowy mountains! I've seen a lot of lush greenery, too, so it just depends on when the Google cam was passing through any given area. Anyway, it won't be long before I'm in more familiar territory, as we traveled a part of the NC 500 route during our visit in 2014.

I am counting all of my forward-moving activity (via Fitbit) for this challenge because a) 500 miles, b) I really hadn't paid attention/had no clue about the distance covered in my daily steps, and c) did I mention 500 miles?? I also gave myself the maximum allowed time to complete the challenge. Even with my extremely sedentary job & hobbies, I manage a few miles every day; if the kids are over and/or it's an Airbnb prep day, there can be many many more, and I'm well ahead! The weather has been most uncooperative for walking outside, but I'm doing it when I can, and I feel more motivated to ride my bike this summer, too.

It's only three more days until Kate is home! Three days after that we'll be heading to Denver. I made time between running errands to stop in at the Wednesday Afternoon Knitting Group to get my travel knitting started.


I'm a bit further along now, enough to measure for gauge and figure out the rest of the pattern. I'm knitting Gauge Dye Works' Our Solar System on a One-way Trip to MUSSELBURGH on US3 DPNs! haha. (Am I the last to jump on that bandwagon?) I dithered between size 3 & 4 needle... I think the 3 will work out ok!

There hasn't been a ton of action on the Temperature Blanket this week, but enough to warrant a photo... I'm just starting March 1959.


It gives me great pleasure to state that this photo was taken indoors and in natural light at around 6:30 this morning!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be busy cleaning, planning, ordering birthday cake, and readying for m' girl's visit.




Those snowy mts. look lovely, as does the sunny beginning of your Musselburgh and Temperature Blanket! I'm excited that Kate will be here so soon, so I imagine you're over the moon. Enjoy all the preparations, big hugs, and your big adventure to Denver!


Oh! Only a few days till Kate is there!! And then a whirlwind trip to Denver. I'm sure you two will have a ton of fun. I keep thinking of that hat, but I have yet to get the pattern or cast on, so you are certainly not the last!!


I can only imagine how excited you must be for Kate's visit! Musselburgh hats make the perfect travel knitting, too!


We had snow this week as well and are supposed to be near 80 this weekend -- the ups and downs this year are more extreme than any year I can remember! I think you are smart to get your travel knitting set up now, before the excitement of Kate's arrival.

In case your Fitbit ever stops working for you to track your miles, I've been using an app from Under Armor called Map My Walk to track my walking since last year. It's a free app and has a GPS component, so I find it's a lot more accurate that my Fitbit app at tracking the actual distance I walk (Fitbit seems to just approximate miles based on the total number of steps, except that my stride is longer when I'm walking for exercise).

Helen Mathey-Horn

That solar system yarn is a clever idea. I had not seen it before.


I love your "random" posts, Vicki. I always feel like we're having a good "catch up!" We had a lovely "flash-in-the-pan" day here on Saturday, and it was so lovely to get outside without a coat. Now, of course, I want MORE . . . but I'll have to wait. I'm so excited about Kate's visit -- and your trip to Denver. And I'm so happy to hear about your progress with "walking through Scotland." What a great motivational tool. I'll be eagerly awaiting your next "random" post. . . XOXO

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