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Unraveled Wednesday: Panel One is DONE!!

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today for Unraveled Wednesday...


I am one-fifth finished with my Temperature Blanket project!


It starts with December 26, 1947 at the bottom and ends with December 26, 1948 at the top -- with a couple border rows in black at each end. My bound-off edge will need to be re-done (as usual). I must have been rushing last night!


This photo gives you a better idea of scale.


I had a very timely notification the other day that my Audible pre-order was ready, so YOUNG MUNGO it is!

Today I'm buckling down, though, and finishing the task that is taxes. Yuck. My reward will be casting on MY blanket panel this evening and knitting some of those new colors!




I just LOVE Rusty's panel. It looks great Vicki and I like the several black rows top and bottom. I'm #2 on the wait list at the library for Young Mungo - looking forward to it.


That's incredible! This blanket is going to be such a work of art.


Rusty and his panel look great; he looks almost as pleased with it as you are! I'm sending all the good tax juju your way so you can cast on your panel!


After a final conversation with our accountant last night I can happily say that our taxes are DONE! And filed! Hooray! The blanket panel looks great and I love that you have Rusty showing it off.


The panel is almost as long as Rusty. it looks fabulous. I was trying to figure out what language you were using on the last post. I didn't get to finish reading it then but I did read it today. Hope all is well up north.


I love the Temperature Blanket panels. That looks like a good long term project.


That panel looks excellent! I am eager to see the start of your panels! :)

And YAY for Young Mungo!


The blanket is going to be absolutely EPIC, Vicki! XO I love it -- every single thing about it! And I finished our taxes yesterday. (Always such an energy drain. Every damn year.) We'll have to celebrate being done in a big way. . .

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