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Unraveled Wednesday: Chilly Colors!


Now that taxes are done (more or less... I'm still answering random questions from Ali's accountant), I'm moving on to some things that have been neglected for way too long.

One of those things is the table in my workroom. Things started piling on before Christmas and just never stopped. One big reason for tackling that particular project now (besides the obvious) is that I couldn't find the keys for the storage unit that Kate & I rented last year. She's going to be home two weeks from today (YAAAYYYYY!) and one of the things she wants to do is grab some stuff.


Ta-da! It was one of the things that got dumped from my purse when we went to Puerto Rico in February (as evidenced by all the other things I found in that particular pile) (obviously not missing most of it).

My table isn't entirely cleaned off yet, but I made progress and I'm feeling full-0n "clean up/clean out" mode coming on.


You may have seen this photo on Instagram on Saturday. It's grown by quite a few rows since then, and I'll have a "live" update on Wednesday, but can I just tell you how happy those cool blues, pinks & purples make me?? They represent temperatures that weren't on Rusty's chart at all. One thing I've noticed in my panel vs his is how much more frequently colors jump the "divide" between daytime & nighttime. So interesting... still highly entertaining!

I do need to start something suitable for travel again, as Kate & I will be heading to Denver a few days after her arrival. I have some special yarn on order for a couple of Musselburgh hats and some socks, and hopefully it will arrive by then. Otherwise, well, I'm sure I can find a WIP that wouldn't mind some attention. heh.

Rusty & I went out to Ali's yesterday afternoon. They will be replacing the windows in their house soon, except for a special corner window in their living room, which was too exotic for the window company, so Rusty will be repairing it... and he got a little head start yesterday.

We also had lunch and hung out with the kids. Ginny got the knack of riding a two-wheeler without trainers! I don't have any photos because I was too busy assisting, reminding, and cheering her on. She's going short distances right now, but that won't be for long. ZOOM!!

I had departing guests at both Airbnbs over the weekend, so did my preliminary work... walking over to Ann's a few times, adding to my MILES. Only 479.9 miles to go!

I chatted with Ann yesterday. Cooked a great dinner both nights -- Avgolemono Soup on Saturday, Pan-Roasted Cod & Potatoes on Sunday (thanks Martha & Marley Spoon -- those recipes will definitely go into regular rotation).

I noticed my Crown of Thorns looking pretty good yesterday and never really paid attention before, but the flowers...



...grow out of other flowers. Each tiny flower produces one or two more, sometimes three or four "tiers," and the color is so pretty.




This sounds like a pretty good weekend! Taxes mostly done, keys found, blanket progress, preparing for travel, miles on your North Coast Challenge, and gorgeous blooms on your crown of thorns - I would take any combination of those and call it a success!


Pretty, pretty blooms! I never looked at Crown of Thorns that way and never noticed the tiers of flowers - interesting and beautiful. So, Kate will be State-side soon and then you two will be heading out to CO - EXCITING. I'm still so enthralled with your temp blankets. LOVE them!! I hope you show Rusty's window-work at Ali's - I remember when he put in the marriage window in your fabulous garden room.


I bet it feels great to get your work table cleared off, go you! And it all sounds like a lovely, busy, spring type weekend.


Go you on your walking! :) (and double yay for clean up/clean out spurts, right?)

And those flowers are just so lovely!


Sounds like a pretty good and pretty productive weekend! The flowers are so pretty. I noticed some when we were in Florida (no idea what they are) that look like they have tiny flowers at the center of the flowers. Nature is amazing!


Oh, Vicki! Those blooms are just magical! I don't think I've ever seen a Crown of Thorns plant before -- and certainly not one blooming. What a treat. I'm so proud of Miss Ginny!!! Way to go with that two-wheeling!!! XO


ahh! less than TWO weeks til Kate - and Denver??!! cannot wait for a vicarious trip out west! I am totally enjoying the making of your temperature blanket. When the colors jump the divide does it mean the low and high are a bigger spread? I'm noticing how quickly those days are getting shorter with your panel ... not too long before they start to get longer again, though :-)

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