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Last time the kids were over, Junah, holding a small container of white chalk, asked me where a chalkboard was... "Why do you have chalk if you don't have a chalkboard?"

Huh. Why do I??*

So I fixed that and ordered one forthwith, along with some colorful chalk and an eraser.

Zero regrets...


There was zero input from me about what to draw, and I plotzed when I saw Junah drawing my gnomes! He also drew a magnifying glass that Rusty had near his reading chair, and the giant "pea pod" at the top is actually the little red canoe on bottom left in the photo. I shared some of the photos with the fam yesterday and Kate said that it looks like Junah's gnomes are about to hop on a Viking ship!


Earlier, Ginny showed me a book of drawings that she made out of napkins... lots of hearts and rainbows, and windows! The sun is in the sky, and also the moon -- in a few different phases.


I love absolutely everything about this!


That's Ginny, Davy, and Malina in the first drawing. When I asked where Junah was, she ran off and then came back... "That's Junah... (giggling) with a beard!"

*Because it came with a set of autumn themed chalkboards that I used for decor in the Airbnbs. I do have a small slate, but it has a 4th of July drawing that my mother did... so that's not ever getting erased.




Oh, this all just warms my heart! I love to see kids immersing themselves in their drawings -- and these are so wonderful, Vicki! The joy in their faces! XOXOXO


I love all of the joy you captured, both in the faces and in their artwork!


What wonderful pictures they all drew- What a wonderful Granny for providing the media and time. Their smiles are evidence of their happiness.
Can you seal the board with your mom's pic? Maybe decoupage. it would be a shame to lose the pic she did.


Oh Vicki - what fun! Those kids are all so creative and HAPPY. Love to see their smiles and their art work.


I'm just excited he knows what a chalkboard IS!


I love all the kids' drawings and how happy they are to show them off (as they should be)! Tell them their art has been well-received and appreciated by a wide audience of your readers!


I am never not amused by kids' drawings. They are always so creative and amusing! For all the technology out there, I don't think there's a better way for kids to play than to give them some materials and let them have at it.


This is just incredible! Go you for getting that chalkboard... their drawings are just incredible! :)


oh my goodness. a chalkboard (and chalk!) ... what genius. and thank you for sharing the magic those kiddos made :-)

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