Unraveled Wednesday: Slow goin'

3TT: Structure

I'm joining Carole & friends today for Three Things on Thursday... (because I need some structure!)

  1. We're back from Denver


I lost my (prescription) sunglasses Sunday/Monday somewhere between here & there! In my youth/younger days, I was perfectly happy to squint in the sun, but I've smartened up since then. I cannot/will not be without sunglasses! That pair was getting old -- there've been more than a couple prescription adjustments since I bought those -- and I'd made a mental note to myself to get them replaced by September at the latest. Unfortunately, I can't even get in for an exam until June 2nd, and it would be another week or two before a replacement pair was in-hand.

So, Amazon to the rescue with same-day delivery of a pair of Fit-Over Sunglasses... they're ENORMOUS and I'm feeling a little Jackie-O, but they're actually pretty great!

2. 8 Miles a Day = 20%

I rented neither scooter nor bicycle in Denver, but holy cow, did I put on the miles! I averaged over 19,000 steps/day over four days, which translated to just over 8 miles/day. That's about 3x my "normal" day. We walked everywhere except for transport from/to the airport, the return trip from the Denver Botanic Gardens (having walked there and then walked all around!), and Sunday when we rented a car to go to Garden of the Gods (where we walked all around!).

Anyway, all that hoofin' added up to having 20% of the North Coast 500 under my belt already! 

3. Spring!

Finally. It's feeling -- and looking -- a bit more like Spring!


When Kate finished working (she's recently written a couple of articles featuring embroidery (!!!!)) yesterday, she went down to do a little clean up of the garden. This is a zoomed in shot from the bedroom window this morning -- and I'm thrilled to see hostas emerging!

_ _ _ _ _

I have a 4-day weekend beginning tomorrow (or today at 4pm), and it'll be full! Shopping & lunch with Kate & Ali tomorrow, followed by an overnight with the girls. On Saturday, the girls have a salon date, after which... shopping & lunch! On Sunday, I'll be roasting my last organic chicken from the CSA farm for a family dinner. And on Monday, I'll be taking Kate to ORD for her return to EDI. Cleaning/readying the Airbnbs as needed, too.


I hope to be posting with a bit more regularity soon! Have a great weekend!




Your Denver trip seemed like a whirlwind to me, and the whirlwind hasn't slowed down much. Congratulations on achieving 20% on North Coast 500; you walked a lot! I'm off to read Kate's embroidery articles!


You are having a whirlwind adventure with Kate . . . and I'm so happy for you! Tom has had a pair of "fit-over" sunglasses (he uses for fishing) for years. He adores them. (We call him "six-eyes.") Enjoy the time you have with your daughters . . . every busy minute! XOXO


I'm glad you had a great trip and I love your sunglasses! Are they really comfortable? Does it feel like you are wearing two pairs of glasses? Enjoy your full weekend and Happy Mother's Day!


I hope you slept well after all that walking on the trip! From what you posted on IG, it looks like it was wonderful. Enjoy your long weekend!


I love the sunglasses! (smart fix, Jackie-O!)

Have the happiest of Mother's Days... and I am off as well to read Kate's articles!


Happy Mother's Day! Should be a fun weekend filled with ALL the girls. Lucky you. I did see some of your pics on IG and it looked like you and Kate had a great time. Garden of the Gods is gorgeous, isn't it? Love your sunglasses. I should think about some - I'm not thrilled with the prescription sun glasses I got last year. Congrats on all the miles you've walked. That's a lot! I'm (slowly) getting back to walking (with my f'd up back). Yesterday I did just over 3 miles and felt crippled at the end - LOL. Nice to see your garden emerging! Safe travels back to EDI for Kate.


Sounds like Denver was a great trip! All that bonding time with Kate. I love your garden pix- I miss my bulb gardens - too hard to grow down here and I don't have a yard anymore. Have a happy mothers' day with the family. Roast fresh chicken sounds wonderful.


I so enjoyed following along with all of your adventures on Instagram. Cannot wait til July! (and I hope everyone has plans to REST UP before then - I'm sure y'all will have a crazy fun and busy time)


I was in Todos Santos, Baja Sur today. Went into the Julie Logan Gallery. I was delighted to recognize and see in person a number of your husband's paintings. So fun!


The Jackie O. look suits you. :-)

Eight miles a day! That's quite an accomplishment, especially in Denver.

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