A barn

It might not surprise you to learn that I have a shortcut to Kate's page on Colossal. She frequently edits the daily email, but exercises her writing chops every now and then, too.

Occasionally, I click over to see what's new. Today, I was bowled over by a barn and I just had to share!


Here's a video preview:

It's a stunning project, and I can't wait to see more as it progresses.




Wow! That is very cool, and Secret Sky is striking during daylight, at sunset, in the shadows it makes, and all ways! Thanks for sharing, and now I'm off to spend more time on Colossal; I can't resist landscape rugs, timber vessels, and wearable interpretations of art.


Oh dear, another rabbit hole to fall down! Thank you for sharing.


I saw this on Kate's IG yesterday, and I am just . . . gobsmacked. SO. FREAKIN'. COOL. I'm already planning a road trip . . .


Wow! Just wow! That barn... incredibly cool! I had to google where it was... and I think the next trip to Michigan might include a wee detour to visit it! Thank you for sharing!


I truly love old barns; this is extraordinary.

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