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Unraveled Wednesday: Slow goin'

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today for Unraveled Wednesday...


I've made some progress on my Temperature Blanket since last we met, even though I've barely knit a stitch in a week.


I had "turned a page" on my chart, though, just before this little break, and that means I'm about half-way through my panel... heading into "the summer of 1959," and the colors will be shifting.

Work is very slow on Musselburgh. Though I cast it on for traveling, it never saw the light of day in Denver. It's been my project for group knitting, and there hasn't been a whole lot of that, either. I'm thinking Christmas for this project, so there's time... and I'm excited about the first color change taking place!


YOUNG MUNGOI should be finished just in time for next week's discussion!

_ _ _ _ _

One thing that's not slow going right now is anything in my backyard! My Blue Angel Hosta went from this...


...to this...

...in less that a month!

It's been quite the rollercoaster spring weather-wise with huge swings in temperature! 

I've been busy with Airbnbs, but guests are arriving at Ann's today for the entire month, so there's some relief... and then the next "guest" will be Annie & her family! And as of now, I have only one guest scheduled this month at my place (for over two weeks... added relief)... and that means that my next "guests" will be Maddy & Viv!!!!! And fewer than five weeks until I pick up Kate again at ORD.

It's getting real, and I cannot wait!!!




Lots of good things here - halfway on the temp blanket and visits from family are getting wonderfully close!


Those hostas! Gorgeous! But I love what you have on your "coming soon" list! :) Yay!


I have Carly Simon's "Anticipation" running thru my head. So many great things about to come to you. Meanwhile the temp blanket is gorgeous and your hostas are out of control!


Those hostas are beautiful! And your temperature blanket is growing. It sounds like the AirBnb situation is slowing down at just the right time.


The hostas are gorgeous. How wonderful to look forward to time with your family.


I've been wondering if you like the book. I liked Shuggie Bain so I was thinking of ordering it. I finished This is Happiness by Niall Williams and absolutely loved it. I listen to audio while I sew, garden, walk and knit. Your Hosta are fabulous.


Wow your hostas are stunning. Having long term guests in the AirBnBs is certainly helpful. Family time will be exciting for everyone. BTW I loved your 1 sec a day for May.


It HAS been a weird spring, hasn't it? Cold-hot-cold-hot. Now cold again! Crazy! But . . . apparently really great for the garden. :-) I love to see your project updates, Vicki, but really do understand the need for a break. 'Tis the season! XO


Isn't it amazing how the plants go from little shoots poking through the dirt one day to explosions of leaves the next? We had the same swings in temperature, and I'm glad to see that everything survived and is coming back.


I had an uncle who loved hostas. When he died, our family set up a hosta garden in his name at a park in the city where he lived. I never, ever see or hear of them that I don't think of him.

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