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Unraveled Wednesday: dishcloth edition

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today for Unraveled Wednesday...


I knew that my blanket project would not be suitable "up north" knitting, and didn't think my Musselburgh on DPNs would work all that well, either. 


When the #mdkdishclothkal was first announced, I knew I wanted to participate, and ordered some Rowan Handknit Cotton. Trust me, I have plenty of Peaches & Cream and didn't need more cotton yarn, but I was interested in knitting dishcloths in a lighter weight. It might be sacrilege, but I'm not really a fan of P&C dishcloths... they're a handful!


I'm knitting Nai-Nai's Favorite, which I believe I read about at Vera's. I love the textures!

As you know, it's been busy around here and my concentration hasn't been spot-on, so there are a few little mistakes here and there... but if there's one place I can overlook those, it's on a dishcloth!!


I'm excited to finish and use it! It does indeed feel... less of a handful. So far. Stay tuned.


I am currently reading/listening to The Blackhouse by Peter May. It's the first of a trilogy set on Scotland, specifically the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.


I believe I first heard about these books in a post of Kat's, and Kate just happened to have traveled with a paperback copy... which she happily left with me! I also wanted to listen, and it's worked so well for me when I bounced back and forth between pages & audio with Young Mungo and Firekeeper's Daughter. The chapter numbers are shifted by one, but that's easy to track.

Anyway, I'm enjoying it so far, especially because we'll be spending a few days on Lewis & Harris in September!




That is a really lovely textured dishcloth and The Black House sounds intriguing!


I like the texture in the dish cloth. I am not a fan of Peaches and Cream either. I really like KnitPicks Cotlin for cloths. They are lighter weight but make great wash cloths.


Like Jane, I love KnitPicks Cotlin for dishcloths (cotton and linen). Much, much lighter than Sugar and Cream or Peaches and Cream or whatever. And Nai-Nai's Favorite is my new favorite dishcloth pattern. Love the color you are knitting. Now I need to go check out that book on amazon and see what it's all about!


The dishcloth is looking great. I see that the pattern calls for Knit Picks Comfy, and I was just noticing some leftovers of that yarn in my cotton, so maybe I need to whip up a quick cloth!


I couldn't agree more about the P&C . . . but I have a TON of it (I inherited my mom's rather extensive stash. . . ). I think I'd get more pleasure out of knitting dishcloths with something OTHER than P&C, but hate to waste. Anyway, I love your dishcloth, and think I really need to try that pattern next time I get in the mood for more dishcloths! XO


I really enjoyed that entire series by Peter May! (And what a stellar location for a mystery!) I like that dishcloth pattern... very much!

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