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A busy day off

Laundry on the line. Helping Rusty with a home improvement job. More laundry (eventually also on the line). Weeding and pruning. Mending some of Rusty's jeans. Cleaning out some crap (i.e., filling a bag for donation). Ironing. Kiddos over for haircuts. More laundry (at Ann's). Knitting. Other than missing nap time, it was a pretty good day off!


I shared this photo with Kate yesterday and she responded, "This vacation is BYON -- Bring Your Own Napkins!" You might recall that she chose some fabric at Fancy Tiger Crafts when we were in Denver so I could make her some "housewarming" napkins, and I plan to make delivery next month! I expect to get about eight napkins from each piece that we bought -- this white w/black lines and coordinating black w/white lines -- so she should be set! I bought a tablecloth on clearance ($4) at Target last year and plan to make a few napkins from that to replace some worn ones in my own drawer!

I'm planning to make them with mitered corners and there are a ton of videos out there, but if anyone has a FAVORITE method for mitered corners, I'm all ears.


My sister Ann wanted to buy the kids backpacks for starting school. Malina's & Junah's arrived yesterday... and I just had to giggle when Malina put hers on. Is she wearing the backpack or is it wearing her?? haha. Ginny's ought to be here by the time they're here again on Sunday for a sleepover (I have Monday off next week instead of Wednesday).

It was gorgeous yesterday, so a lot of time was spent outside, and the kids' haircuts were done on the driveway in the shade of the garage. We weren't always outside, though, and I had to laugh when I walked through the living room and saw this scene on the couch...


...they're usually on a bookshelf in the front room.

And then I absolutely did laugh aloud when I walked into the bedroom and saw this:


Ginny had asked me earlier in the day about wearing earrings... that she knew how to do it even though she didn't have holes in her ears... so I suspect that she was behind this!

(I'm on the second-to-last chapter of The Blackhouse... about an hour of listening time. I expect to finish tonight!)

Finally, there was plenty of chalk art on the driveway yesterday.


It's Spongebob... with TWO HANDS (on each side) and lots of legs... à la Malina!




I love these scenes from your busy day off! A truly giant backpack, some drunken and debauched gnomes sleeping it off, and a very prettily decorated lamp and driveway make for lots of fun amidst the laundry and home improvement.


I'm pretty sure Malina could fit IN that backpack!

I'm also chuckling at how much you did on your day "off" -- whenever I take a day off, I often end up filling it up with other work, too.


It sounds like you did more work on your day off than you would have at work! The picture of Malina and her backpack is a riot!


Malina in her backpack does win the day! Although, Lamp Earrings is a close second!

I wish I had the perfect Mitered corner technique... but alas, that has always been a struggle!


Now I want to decorate ALL my lamps with earrings!! That Ginny - such a clever girl. And, Malina with her backpack is hysterical. It is as big as she is! Love the fabric for the napkins.


Okay. Malina's backpack. I am just in love!!! (I remember when Brian got his first hockey bag, and I was mortified because it looked like a body bag.) Thanks for sharing your day off! Never a dull moment, Vicki. And I love it. (Those napkins are going to be divine.) XO


A tutorial for mitered edge napkins can be found at Look in the blog posts—there’s one for making them as holiday gifts. Hope this link works.

Love reading your blog!

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