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A Monday-est Monday

It started out not-so-great and, despite a glimmer or two, it's not getting better... yet!

Back in my more verbose days of blogging -- much more stream-of-consciousness days of writing -- the very act could sometimes turn a blue mood around. Maybe that's still true. Let's find out!

Maddy returned from Milwaukee with another friend in tow -- Genie traveled from Ireland to the States to attend a reunion of Girl Scout Camp counselors. They took off yesterday for a few days of fun -- this time as camp attendees. I hope they all have a blast!


Maddy also delivered her cross-stitch pillows to their recipients over the weekend, so I can show you the fronts!


And a back! She was happy to show me her neatness... which she learned from me, and I from my mother, and my mom from hers! Mom, Grandma & Great Grandma are/would be pleased.


Here are a couple of close-ups of the fronts, plus an action shot!

I started my sock mending project over the weekend, first by working duplicate stitch over a worn spot on one of Maddy's heels -- it wasn't a hole yet, but it wouldn't be long. Preventive maintenance, let's say. These are all 100% superwash merino worsted-weight socks which I'm mending with doubled 75%/25% superwash merino/nylon fingering-weight (sock) yarn; all yarns dyed by me. Hopefully those patches will hold up.

(I won't be knitting 100% wool socks for anyone again!)


Then I tackled an actual hole.


The black patch is the "preventive" stitching. The multi-colored patch was done using Swiss Darning, which is also sort of duplicate stitch -- it's worked the same, even if there isn't an existing stitch to duplicate. I watched a few YouTube videos and didn't really find a favorite, but I got the gist of it. I think for the first time ever, I used one of my darning eggs for its intended purpose!


Both of Viv's socks have quite large holes and will take some concentration. First, I'm tackling a small repair on one of Ali's socks. I was intimidated by that repair, which is why it's been sitting for a while (months), but it's pretty small in comparison and piece o' cake!

Well, I'm not sure that I feel better... but I don't feel worse, so I guess that's a win! Hope you're having a good Monday!!




If your posts make us happy, can that boomerang back to you, maybe?

The cross-stitch is spectacular. I'm a sucker for animals anyway. And my mother was a stickler for neatness in projects. The back should be as clean and presentable as the front.


The pillows are so cute! And I was always very neat about the backs of my projects, too. Great job on those sock repairs, I admire your skills!


Those pillows are impressive, both the fronts and the backs. Excellent job, Maddie! Those sock repairs are equally impressive and I'm sure you can figure out a good fix for Viv's and Ali's. Hope things have gotten better!


sometimes Mondays are just ... Mondays ... and accomplishing anything is a win. and just look at that sock mending. I'm impressed! here's to a better Tuesday! (also, love that cross-stitch and wow! Maddy's work is so neat!! go you as the model/teacher!)


I am very impressed by the cross stitch pieces, especially the back! I used to do a ton of cross stitch, so I know exactly what it takes to have a back that's nearly as neat as the front. I hope you've managed to fix that hole so the socks can get some more miles in them. Clearly they've been well loved!

I hope the rest of Monday was better and today is great!


I am hoping that the Mondays ended with the arrival of Tuesday! XO

Beautiful stitching, Maddie!


What lovely stitching, Maddy! And the backs. (She would score big from the 4-H judges I faced back in the day, for sure!) And I have a couple of socks around here that need some mending. I really should follow your lead, dig out my darning egg, and get-a-move-on (as my mom would say). Hope your day turned around eventually, and that today is looking brighter. XO


Maddy's cross stitched pillows are gorgeous. I hope the recipients appreciate all the work.
Your darning projects are a lost art that seems to be coming back. Good luck with the large holes.


Maddy's pillows are lovely! And her back is SO NEAT!!! You taught her well:)

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