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About last month


I shared some photos on IG/FB yesterday from our photo date with Mary last month... these are different. Looking at these, you'd never imagine what a struggle it was to get Junah to wear that shirt! Davy's patience was MIA. At the end, we all grabbed an ice cream treat (incentive for the kids to cooperate) and met at the end of the street -- just as it started to rain and Malina was not happy about the thunder!




I think what I love best about these photos is that they really capture real life -- especially all the kids' emotions!


These are wonderful and truly capture the spirit of your family. You've done enough photo shoots to know that kids are unpredictable but that makes it fun.


These are perhaps my favorite photos of all Vicki! Well done... and what a glorious family! XO


The photos you posted on IG are great and these "candids" are equally wonderful! I feel bad for poor Malina, but hope that maybe some ice cream (and the end of thunder) helped.


Vicki, you have a wonderful family, and those pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


I'm with Malina! But these photos will be treasured as much, if not more than the ones I saw on IG yesterday. Good stuff!


I'm so glad you have those photos ... I imagine it will be a few years in between opportunities to gather as one big family and that surely makes the times you are together more special. Just thinking about y'all (especially the young kiddos) looking at the photos in 20 years and "remembering" last month makes me verklempt.


These are really some of the best portraits EVER . . . of capturing the REALness of your whole family. And all the LOVE, too. Vicki! What treasures! Mary is such a gifted photographer, and I'm just so happy you had a chance to take advantage of her incredible skills while you had everyone together for a brief moment. Just the BEST! XOXOXO


Great momento photos of the family all together. I'm with Malina-hate the thunder. What was Junah's problem with the shirt? it makes him look older.

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