1st Day of School!!
Unraveled Wednesday: Darning done

First Day = Best Day

"It was the best day of my life!"


Everyone was smiling at the end of the day! They all made friends! Most of them remember their teachers' names!

Can't ask for more than that. We had a lovely get together last night to hear about the kids' (and mom's) day. It was nice enough to eat outside -- flies were a nuisance, but we didn't let them ruin it. It was lovely (as captured above).




Oh WOW!!! Junah's quote is amazing and to think that Malina was smiling at the end of the day!!


I'm so glad they had a great day!!


It does sound (and look) like a lovely day and I love Junah's thoughts!


I love Junah's thoughts! How perfect for everyone! XO


I'm so happy for all of you, Vicki! And I'm sure those happy faces and joy-filled sentiments will go a long way as Ali adjusts to her more quiet days. I know I say this all the time, but I truly mean it . . . thanks so much for sharing your wonderful grandchildren with us. XO


What a kid!! the best day....I hope he remembers that for the rest of his school days. So wonderful!!!


A Best First Day feels like a fantastic way to start the year (fingers crossed today wasn't too disappointing :-)

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