Unraveled Wednesday: FO
1st Day of School!!


Yay! It always seems like such a long week when I have Monday off...

Is Flashback Friday still a thing? Remember this from two years ago?


Safe At Home... for Davy, but it was still a few weeks before he was born!


Making progress through my modified (of course) chart.


I hadn't begun sewing up the rows yet.

That was such a great project. I still have a couple of Safe At Home pillows on my To-Do List. Ducky was a mere 10 days old at this time, too! I was measuring cushions & windows, and buying new foam & fabrics.

What a crazy time. There was little discernable change in my day-to-day home/work bubble (other than an epic knitting project and a travel trailer in the driveway), but the "outside world" was certainly different.

Anyway. My mammoth sunflower bloomed!


You may have seen it on IG, but I couldn't get the entire photo to fit! Here it is in all its glory... Rusty thinks at least 9' tall. (I'm terrible at estimating height, length, distance... you name it.)


Maddy's taking off for Stevens Point this evening with her friend Katy to attend a wedding this weekend.

Rusty continues work on a 25' long commissioned painting -- I haven't seen it yet in person but hope to make it up to his studio this weekend. He's posted some progress pics on IG.

I will be darning the last sock, soaking & blocking a new swatch, and hopefully doing some sewing.

Have a wonderful weekend!!




That’s a great blanket! I met Margaret, the designer, at VKLive Seattle; she’s lovely. I have the pattern, but no time right now. I may make a pillow/pin cushion first!


Wow, it's already been two years since that epic blanket? So that must mean Davy is coming up on a birthday!

I noticed this morning that our biggest sunflowers are just starting to open up. The tallest is probably 7-8 feet!


You guys don't do things in a small way - epic knitting projects, 9' sunflowers, and that amazing 25' painting! Hope it's a great weekend!


Oh, that blanket! It's as gorgeous as I remember. Have a great weekend!


I have been watching Rusty's painting come to life on IG and I am gobsmacked by it!!! I'd love to see it live-and-in-person. Truly EPIC. And your sunflower is awesome. I haven't grown any in years (not since my kids were young), and every year I swear I'm going to grow some NEXT year and then I forget. Thanks for sharing yours! And . . . thanks for the reminder about the Safe At Home blanket. I have one I started, too. And it's still sitting there. Overwhelming me. I hope your weekend was a great one, Vicki, and that you're heading into a good week (despite Maddy's departure). XOXO


Oh gosh I had forgotten all about the Safe at Home Blanket - such a fabulous project to welcome a new member of the family. I've seen some of Rusty's pictures on IG - AMAZING!!! Safe travels to Maddy!


I love Flashback Friday! and those glimpses into summer 2020 ... gosh it seems like so much longer than two years!


Still in love with your homes blanket. Your sunflower is epic!

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