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Maddy to myself

Everyone has departed for (their current) home except Maddy. Rusty's been away this week, too, teaching in Door County, which means I've had Maddy all to myself and, wow, it's sure been nice. I can't remember the last time that's happened. It's especially nice since she's the one I've seen the least over the past few years due to distance (and, especially, Covid travel restrictions).

This week, among other things, we've run errands, had lunch out at a nice restaurant, knit & stitched together, cleaned (both Airbnbs) together, cooked & eaten together, sat for a chat on the pergola (with beverages)... it's been great! (Have I said that already?)

She's even cooked & baked:


Last night's Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce. Oh, so fresh. It was so hot -- mostly humid -- yesterday, and this was perfect. Light, fresh & cool.


This is one of my favorite pictures of the summer so far! Maddy with her BFF Katy and partner Viv on the 3rd of July, having just returned from celebrating the 4th with Katy's family in Door County, and just before departing on their hike at Michigan's Pictured Rocks.


Maddy & Katy have been friends for a long time! This is before we built the garage! And not the first/last backyard clothesline tent soiree. Aren't they adorable?

Tonight we're getting together with Ali for dinner out... and TRIVIA! haha!




How much FUN!!! You must be in heaven with all the Maddy time. Love all the pics - the girls all look so very, very happy. And spring rolls with peanut sauce...my mouth is watering. Have fun tonight with 2 of your girls.


What a special time to have had with Maddy! I'm so happy for you!


I'm glad that all the plans worked out so that the two of you have been able to have time together, just the two of you. I'm sure this time was much needed after being apart!


I am so thrilled for you, Vicki! Savor these days! XO


You and Maddy are lucky to have all this quality time together. It will be hard when she leaves again. Those spring rolls look yummy.

Margie D.

The picture of the friends young and current is wonderful. Long-time friends are so special!


Hooray for mother/daughter time! And for lifelong best friends.


What a treat for both of y'all ... mother/daughter time is the BEST! (and I'm sure you did great at Trivia :-)

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