A Monday-est Monday
A busy day off

May all your weeds be wildflowers

There's another round of weeding in my future, particularly in front of the house where one of the ash trees was removed a couple of years ago and where I haven't done much since.

I can't be sad about some of the "weeds" in my garden, though.


But the ugly weeds have to go -- some of them even have pickers!

I patched Ali's sock heel last night.


Ali & kiddos will be over tomorrow afternoon -- after Ginny's school orientation -- for off-to-school hair trims. Picture day is Monday already! And the first day of school is a week later. The kids are SO excited. It'll be nice to give Ali her sock (I hope she hasn't misplaced its mate).

Anyway, I did the prep work for one of Viv's heels last night, too, so darning will commence this evening!

Update: Monday's mood improved late in the day, and Tuesday started a-okay!




Your weeds are lovely and that sock patch is primo! Best of luck on Viv's socks. I can't believe school is starting so soon, and picture day is before school? Glad Tuesday is going well and I hope the rest of the week continues in the same vein!


I'm not sure I'd even call those weeds! surely anything that's growing green with pretty flowers should be left alone? so glad the week is looking up!


Who was it who said that the only difference between a weed and a flower is whether or not you like it (or something to that effect)? Sending you strength for repairing Viv's giant sock hole. Looking forward to seeing new haircuts and new school pictures!


I am really struggling to keep up with the weeds this year. I didn't do a lot of gardening while our painting project was going on (even in the places where I really could have done. . . ), and then we've been up at the cabin quite a bit. Can you say OVERGROWN? Anyway, I'm chipping away at it all now. (My weeds are not quite as lovely as yours are. Except that pink flowering one. I have PLENTY of that one . . . ) I remember the start-of-school excitement. How fun for the kiddos! XO


The battle with weeds this year is just insane! (and it seems all my weeds fall into the PA vernacular of Jagger Bushes!)

And none are quite that lovely! :)


When I owned a home-my attitude was if it was green and pretty I called it a flower. My next door neighbor wasn't happy about that and put up a fence. Then his wife planted MINT and it took over their garden and grew under the fence and tried to choke my tomatoes.
Good luck with the darning. The start of school is so exciting Can't wait to see pix of all the haircuts and the school pictures.


Your darning is so nice...I have yet to master that technique despite numerous tries. Can't believe it is school time already!

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