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Unraveled Wednesday: Temperature Rising!

Unraveled Wednesday: Darning done

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today for Unraveled Wednesday (though not exactly linked because this post was scheduled in advance)...


Viv's socks darned, done & dusted!


Maddy's, too!


Both pairs packed in Maddy's luggage, beginning the journey back to Australia today. Now summer really feels over! What a great time we've had!!


Now that the mending is done...


I have this back in my lap! This is my panel and I just turned the page to August... about three-quarters done!


I'm still awaiting the paperback copy of The Lewis Man, second book in The Lewis Trilogy by Peter May, so am currently only listening! Since I'm awaiting "pages," I've picked up This Golden Fleece: A Journey Through Britain's Knitted History again. I just finished a chapter about Scotland and the Highlands. Perfect timing. We're on our way in three weeks!




Sending you all the love as Maddy heads down under again. I'm so glad you have your Scotland trip to look forward to! And perfect timing with your temperature blanket, too. You can begin working on it again as the weather cools. XO


That is some excellent mending! Safe travels to Maddy and hooray for Scotland in just three weeks!


I hope Maddy and the socks have a safe journey back! Looking forward to seeing more of the temperature blanket.


Those are terrific mending jobs. How nice to see the blanket getting some attention again, too.


Y'all made some wonderful memories with Maddy ... and I imagine these next three weeks are gonna fly by! Thank goodness you have an epic project to keep you occupied ;-)


Nice mending, Vicki! I hope Maddy and Viv have safe travels home! XO


Beautiful darning Vicki! I'm a little late, but hope Maddy got off with no issues and is not back home Down Under. Only 3 weeks till you head out - AMAZING. That is going to be such a wonderful trip. Love seeing your temperature blanket again.

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