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Unraveled Wednesday: More dishin'

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today for Unraveled Wednesday...


Continuing with the (now) near-mindless dishcloth knitting!


I finished the Aubergine cloth last night and the Raspberry was last weekend's project, joining the first one in Sea Foam. Maddy & I have been watching TV and working on our projects most evenings (when she's around), and these are perfect for that. She's working on a cross-stitch piece for her friend.


I still have four hanks of Rowan Handknit Cotton in my basket -- North Sea, Feather, Slate & Blushes -- along with a little bit leftover from each cloth, so may do a wild & crazy version at the end to use it all up!

This weekend, I'm planning to darn holes in the pile o' socks from Maddy, Viv & Ali. When the dishcloths are done, I'll get back to the Temperature Blanket. And my Musselburgh is still around here somewhere... I'm thinking that will be perfect Scotland vacation knitting!


I am also continuing reading/listening to The Blackhouse.

I'm slow in the best of times, and things are still "busier" than usual around here, but I'm making progress... a big secret was revealed during this morning's commute!




Those dishcloths are almost too pretty to use, and I love the colorway names. That Rowan Cotton does look much nicer than Peaches & Cream!


I've been knitting dishcloths too (though just 2 so far)...am enjying Cotlin from KnitPicks (cotton & linen) and a much lighter cotton than sugar and cream. I think on my blog I wrote that it is good potato chip knitting! I do love the colors of your yarn - so pretty. I don't have a dishwasher (never have!!), so I hand wash a lot of dishes. The old cloths are great for scrubbing floors too. Somone else talked about The Black House...I may need to check that out!


I love your dishcloth colors -- they are so sophisticated!


The photo of the basket of yarn and cloths is so pretty. It makes my heart sing. Dish cloths are a nice anytime project. I just cast on one today - a waffle pattern - in CotLin. My LYS carries that Rowan Cotton. I might just splurge on a skein or two.


Your dishcloths are so sophisticated! Almost too nice to use! :)


I love your dishcloths-what pattern are you using? Please

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