About last month
A Monday-est Monday


Our trip to Scotland is coming up in about 5 weeks, and preparations continue!


Our Historic Scotland membership materials arrived yesterday. As members, admission to many of the places we want to visit will be free -- and we've already booked entry times for the most popular sites. I bought memberships for Rusty & myself, and also for Lady Kate! (I couldn't help myself when that title was presented in the dropdown menu options!) I have coordinates for her 10x10 plot -- it's not too far off our main route, and I really hope we'll have time to visit.


I added over 5 miles to my North Coast 500 virtual walk yesterday and am approaching Scrabster, where we'll catch the ferry to Orkney! We booked all the ferries and finalized accommodation last weekend. I might be a little short of closing the loop before we depart, but I'm okay with that. I think it would be cool to log a few miles in actual Scotland! (Also, doesn't Glengolly sound like a fun place to visit? I might have to poke* around.)


Three-point-two of yesterday's miles came from a morning hike along the Niagara Escarpment on the Red Bird Trail at nearby High Cliff State Park. We wanted to go early in order to beat the heat/humidity, and I'm sure glad we did! I was trying out new hiking shoes and poles, and I'm happy to say that they both passed! I got used to the poles without any problem and with few adjustments (turns out my left pole needs to be a little shorter than the right). We'll be doing a lot of driving in Scotland, but there will be plenty of opportunity for some hikes, too.


We found a few interesting fungi specimens on our hike yesterday. This photo reminds me of a rugged, mountainous landscape in miniature.

After a shower and a nap, I helped Maddy make a couple of cross-stitch pieces into pillows! I just happened to have the correct size/shape pillow forms, and the backing is material leftover from making cushions for Ducky.


I measured, cut & sewed, and Maddy did the stuffing & final stitching. They are gifts for a couple, and though the stitched designs are quite different, I love that they'll coordinate. I'm under strict orders not to post the fronts until they've been delivered to recipients later this week!

*Have you ever used Pegman in Google Maps to have a look around? If you click on Pegman (bottom right) you can drag him to an area that you want to explore. You're looking to drop him on a blue line, or a blue 0r orange dot -- places where the Google car has been, or where people have shared photos. When you're finished, click "back" at the top left.




I love the intersection between your trip to Scotland and the North Coast 500 and hope to get plenty of actual miles in actual Scotland. Of course you had forms and fabric for pillows, and I hope we'll get to see Maddie's stitching sometime. I'm imagining a throne (or at least a very fancy chair) sitting on Lady Kate's plot, so I also hope you'll get to visit. Just 5 weeks!


Only in the UK would "Lady" be a choice of address! I do hope you'll get some hikes in while you're in Scotland.


I am SO EXCITED about your trip to Scotland! Y'all are going to have BEST time. (And - how wonderful that you have some special time with Maddy right now. Such a treat.) XO


oh my goodness, the vicarious trip to Scotland has begun!! I'm beyond delighted you're going and look forward to seeing all the sights (through your eyes). I know you're enjoying these days with Maddie ... it's such a treat for us to see so much of her, too!

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