Unraveled Wednesday: Darning done
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Unraveled Wednesday: Temperature Rising!

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today for Unraveled Wednesday...


I've been working a bit on my Temperature Blanket project again! I posted this photo on IG last night:


I've been knitting some rows in the color ZINNIA (= HOT!) and had just picked a vase of my own zinnias, so photo op!

Bonus photos for the blog (possibly later on IG):


These photos make me so happy! I'm currently heading toward the end of August, in terms of time, and the days (if not the nights) are HOT, but getting shorter. I have around 150 rows to go on this panel.


By the time I received the paperback copy of The Lewis Man, I was already nearing the end, so only read a few pages from the actual book! I dove straight in to Book #3 of The Lewis Trilogy -- the paperback is in hand but proving a bit challenging as the chapters do not align. I'm making progress, though, as I had a few hours of listening in the car yesterday. I expect to finish by the time we depart for Scotland (13 days!), and will likely take This Golden Fleece: A Journey Through Britain's Knitted History for vacation reading (if any).

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I switched my day off this week so I could go to Madison yesterday for the funeral of Brian's mom, Doris. She died last month, just a few days after celebrating her 100th BIRTHDAY! She was born & raised in Maine and enjoyed a lovely birthday lunch of lobster rolls with some of her kids & grandkids. I really only met her a few times, but she's always felt like part of my extended family, too. She broke her hip about six months ago, which seemed to signal the end, and until that time had been in her own home. Cheers, Doris! RIP.




Wow! living on your own to 100 is amazing. A good life. Your temperature blanket is gorgeous Vicki! I just love it. The zinnias with it make a perfect picture - so pretty.


Your blanket looks great and I love your zinnias, too! I think lobster rolls for a 100th birthday for a Mainer is perfect, I hope that recent birthday celebration eases the pain of losing her for her family.


I have to think that if you make it to 100, you should be honored not with a funeral but a celebration! Lobster rolls certainly sound appropriate.


Your temperature blanket is looking good, especially alongside gorgeous zinnias!


A group of us were talking about how much we admire your tenacity AND creativity with the epic projects. They do make fantastic photo ops!!


I love zinnias and your blanket. It is going to be a beauty. I went to the funeral of my aunt this past February. She lived to celebrate her 101st. birthday. These strong women are so amazing.


I adore your take on the temperature blanket, Vicki. It really is (and I know I've said this before, probably more than once. . . ) EPIC. It's just so dang creative and meaningful. Love it. And I'm so glad Doris was able to celebrate her 100th in a big way with her family! A similar thing happened with my own grandmother . . . we had a lovely gathering for her 100th birthday, and she was vibrant and engaged for the event. Within a month, she had died. Strong women -- and, I think, keen to make it to those milestone birthdays! XO


I agree with Kym... your take on a temperature blanket is just stellar! What a glorious piece of history you will have when that is finished!

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