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I set my alarm for Saturday morning -- a rare occurrence these past few years -- so I wouldn't be late for the workshop with Mel Kolstad at Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, where I letterpressed my heart out for six hours!


As predicted, I didn't glue down/collage a darn thing, but I have so much fodder for future work/play/inspiration. I was super into circles, guitars, chickens, and a particular dancing girl. The illuminated letter blocks are mine that I brought from home, along with some old tissue/pattern paper, and the photo postcard that now has a big chicken in the yard.

I snagged a couple of old card catalog & library cards, a receipt from a coffee shop in Taiwan, part of a map, and an image of some "underwater fairies" or something -- material that spoke to me. I also have a big bin of ephemera that I collected after my first workshop with Mel and, to be honest, take a bunch of the same to the curb every two weeks in the recycle bin!


I have a feeling there may have been one or two of these bad boys right under my nose back in the late '70s/early '80s when I worked as a typesetter for a local shopping guide & print shop, along with some old wood type. No one cared! I came in at the beginning of "computer photo-typesetting" with dedicated computers for the task, fonts on film strips, paper that was processed with developer & fixer. There are a number of these at Hamilton, along with plenty of bigger & smaller models -- and the museum itself is full of historical machinery!


I was assessing my printed materials yesterday and stumbled upon a starting point for next time! 

Also yesterday, Rusty & I got our 3rd Covid booster shots. I didn't get a nap, didn't sleep well last night, it's chilly & raining today (and yesterday), I didn't dress properly... and I'm FREEZING (even with the space heater at my feet on HIGH)!! And so tired. All related, I'm sure.

I better get myself used to it, as we're likely to experience the same in Scotland. I do hope we'll see some occasional sunshine, too. I've often read that it's typical to experience "all seasons" & "all weather" in a day!




That is all just so cool! Fletch and I got our third boosters this morning. Hoping for NO reactions!


That workshop looks like a lot of fun and like you could spend a lot more time letterpressing! I do hope you warm up, get a nap, and some good sleep. I'd recommend a nice cup of tea, some wool socks, and a row or two of knitting as a start.


Oh, Vicki. What a great, inspiring, FUN kind of day! I just love all of your finds . . . And when I was on Orkney, I swear the only weather we didn't have . . . was snow! And it changed minute-by-minute. You'll never be bored! (It's amazing how chilly it got - just overnight!) XO


What a fun workshop! And yay for your boosters! Dale is ready to get his, I have to wait a little longer since I had COVID in June.


That class looks like the perfect reason to get up early on a Saturday! and glad you got that 3rd booster just in time for your trip :-)


What fun, Vicki! I look forward to seeing how you use all those lovely things you pressed! :)


It is rare that I will set an alarm for a Saturday morning, but getting up early for something so fun? So worth it! I hope you're feeling better by now.


Your workshop on printing was certainly prolific. I'm looking forward to see where it takes you! I'm getting my booster this week I hope.

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