Unraveled Wednesday: Temperature Rising!

What's up?

RIP, Queen Elizabeth II.

King Charles* just doesn't roll off the tongue like Prince Charles has for my entire life! I remember a period of time when it was rumored that Queen Elizabeth would skip him altogether in the line of succession. I don't know if she could really even do that, but such was his not-so-great standing for a while!

As is often the case these days, I'm thousands of miles away but broke the news to Kate, who was in a bit of a work bubble and unaware of what was going on in her own backyard! So to speak.

My mother would have been enthralled. A teenager when Elizabeth became queen, my mom was a "royal watcher." She watched (live) every possible second of Charles & Diana's wedding, Diana's funeral, William & Kate's wedding. She'd have loved George, Charlotte & Louis, the Platinum Jubilee!

It looks like we'll be arriving in Scotland just after the funeral. I'm okay with that.

Charles ... “to my darling mama.”
“I want simply to say this: Thank you. Thank you for your love, and devotion to our family and to the family of nations you have served so diligently all these years. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

I'm misty!

OK. So, besides that... WHAT'S UP??


Yesterday, we met Ali & the kids at Ledgestone Vineyards & Winery for a fun evening of music. Rod's band was playing... he's the purple dude on the left.


The grapes must be getting close!

Tomorrow, I'm heading over to the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Two Rivers to exercise some creative chops at a workshop called "Cut & Color - Creating Collage with Vintage Cuts." I know the instructor, Mel Kolstad, and took a collage workshop from her several years ago. I may not have an actual finished project at the end of the day, but I'll be printing my little heart out and soaking it all in!


Rusty continues painting "56 miles of ocean and sky..." which I still have not seen in person. I may get to accompany it to Mexico on the install trip, though. Hopefully in winter!!


Kate is up to her eyeballs with work, but by the time we arrive she'll have finished the gallery gig on Calton Hill and work will be 100% virtual for various organizations... but totally on vacation while we're there. She tries to take a "nature day" once a week or so, and last week it was in the Pentlands!


I'm looking forward to an Airbnb cleaning date with Ali next week, followed by lunch! It will be nice to have an undistracted visit with only her!! So far, the kids are doing great in school. Davy misses the kids during the day -- especially his big brother and sticks to him like glue after school! On Wednesday she shared the following about Malina: "The first thing she reports to me after school has been how many times she has cried 🥲. Today was ZERO!" Ginny is making loads of friends. Junah doesn't like doing homework. NO SURPRISES!!


Maddy is settled back home in Australia... and planning an epic hike with Viv! The "little" 4-day hike at Pictured Rocks while they were here was just a primer for hiking the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia. That's 1000+ km/623 miles and coming up in just a couple of weeks!

*As I'm writing this, multitasking in a bunch of different ways, including chatting with Kate, she writes: Just saw a tweet where someone was like “I’m not going to be able to say King Charles without adding Spaniel I’m afraid” 😂

Have a great weekend, everyone!




It does feel like the end of an epic era and Elizabeth will certainly be missed. I know the monarchy is outdated and the money could be spent on so many other things, but she was really something. It remains to be seen whether King Charles (Spaniel - ha!) will be able to fill her shoes. Rusty's miles o' waves are looking good, Scotland is gorgeous, and the grands are cuter every day!


The world loves the monarchy! I've been watching QE since I was a child and it's hard to imagine anything different, but we've been told Charlies would be King, especially lately, and it isn't hard to imagine him as one (any more). I love seeing and hearing about what's up with each member of your family. Rusty's painting just blows me away! His oceans pictures are second best to looking out the window. They are a window to the magical shores. Thank you for catching us up on all the Mothes family happenings!


I certainly hope that after that photo was snapped of the kiddos with their ice cream cones, the one that was upside-down was replaced!

I suspect we as Americans are fascinated by the monarchy because we have nothing like it and it seems so exotic or fantastical. And I suspect many of us will keep calling him Prince Charles -- after all, that's been his title for 70+ years! The harder thing for me is thinking of Kate as Princess of Wales; that title, in my mind, always belongs to Diana.


I think the thing I like the most about the monarchy... is the history of it all! And I think King Charles will be a lovely "pallet cleanser" to what will come next. Perhaps that is a horrible way to think, but he was a bit foretelling in his public announcement with whatever time he has left. I also got a bit misty at his message to his darling mama and loved the image of angels singing her to her well-deserved rest.

As always, your grands are the best smile-bringers! :)

I hope your weekend was full of good things! XO


I've been thinking of my mom these days, too. She was Canadian, so a "subject" of the Queen as a child. She was a huge fan, and would have been very tuned in to the coverage on tv these days. Thanks so much for the update on your family. I've been thinking about the kids, and it's so nice to hear they're adjusting so well to school. (Poor Davy, though . . . ) Here's to a good week, Vicki! XO


My mom would love all of this coverage on the late Queen. I still remember her waking me up to watch the wedding of Princess Anne in 1973! And of course we watched Charles and Di get married, too and I've carried on the tradition by watching all of the other weddings and (sadly) funerals, too. That hike sounds epic and the picture from Kate is so beautiful it doesn't even look real!


love that photo of the kiddos (and so glad Malina is settling in to school) ... and I'm still cackling about King Charles ... Spaniel - ha!!


RIP Queen Elizabeth- I'm with your friend King Charles Spaniel it is - His first few 'speeches' contained a lot of 'I's she usually said 'we'. I don't believe he'll be very effective as king- too stick up his tush for regular folks and not warm and gracious for foreign relationships. I was always surprised that he was being considered for the throne since he divorced Diana and married Camilla, a divorced woman herself.

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