The baby is TWO!

Zucchini hunter

He came up empty-handed last night.


What are the chances he missed a whopper? I'd say they're pretty good, based on experience! haha.

Things are beginning to look a little bedraggled.

Oh my goodness, what a difference a nap makes! I left work an hour early yesterday and slept for an hour-and-a-half... later than I usually like to take a nap, but I still went to bed early, too!

I'm a new woman this morning. Thank god.




Naps are so good for the soul! (And body. . . ) So glad you found rejuvenation. Now, did you also find a zucchini??? XO


I swear that zucchinis have an invisible mode and can hide from you until suddenly they're enormous! Naps are the best, and I'm glad you were able to get one. I'm scheduled to get my booster on Friday afternoon, so I expect there will be a nap or two on Saturday.


Ah, the restorative power of a good nap! Those zucchini are so stealthy, hiding as well as they do and then growing six inches or more in a day.


I love a good nap- Glad yours helped. Today I napped for 1 1/2 hours and woke on my own feeling refreshed.


Those zucchini are sneaky buggers! Glad you're feeling so rested!


You do realize that you have opened yourself up to the opportunity to have random surplus zucchini land on your doorstep, possibly in excess. Maybe make some room on your front step.


Napping is one of my favorite habits!! I bet you come home from Scotland to a zucchini the size of a baseball bat (or larger)!!

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