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Rainbow - my new favorite letter

A Bit-O-Random

Not like Bit-O-Honey... that was one of the worst "treats" I could find in my Halloween Trick or Treat bag.

It's been a coupla weeks, y'all. Big disruption/change at work, the extent of which I've/we've not all yet been fully apprised... I believe there's a bit of hashing out yet to be done.

My Happy Jetsetter Birthday Vacation set to begin in (checks phone) 3 days and 1 hour could not come at a better time. I need a breather (and I'm glad it's going to be short)... some fun museum stops, fabulous food, shopping (holiday or otherwise), and London!

Meanwhile, back at home...


I washed my kitchen windows! It's so satisfying. I hung up some cafe curtains, too. I need sturdier rods, but I think they're going to be nice. I was afraid I'd meet some spousal resistance about those, but he actually likes them!

We have fairly roomy windowsills in there and all manner of stuff gathers...


...including my "I'd Rather Be Knitting" license plate frame, which I believe I bought at my first Rhinebeck. Anyway, it's been sitting on my windowsill since we got rid of the Saturn, which Maddy drove for quite a few years, and never even made it onto my Nissan, and finally after two years it's on my Explorer. heh.

Well, I guess that's all the photos Typepad is going to let me upload today. It took hours to get the log-in page to load. Change is comin'.




I'm so glad you've got that birthday trip to London planned, Vicki. Because it sounds like you need an escape! I hope things settle down in your work-world. (Typepad, though? Probably not so much. . . ) Sending all the good juju. XO


I wish I could help with the Typepad issue, but let's just say there's a reason I've stuck with Blogger all these years even though I could do much more with another service. I hope things settle at work, and I'm excited to hear about the forthcoming trip! (Also, is there anyone who actually LIKED Bit-o-honey?)


Bit-o-Honey was the first thing I thought of when I saw the title, too! I didn't like the taste and they shattered into sharp shards - not nice at all. I hope the work upheaval settles down in a good way, and you have London to look forward to. I can't say I've ever found washing windows to be satisfying, but clean windows are wonderful. I'm glad your family gathers stuff, too. We have benches on the mud porch that are a repository for all manner of things. (I could do a post about this!)


You all can send me all your bit-o-honeys. They are some of my favorites!
Sorry about the blog issues. It's no fun when technology misbehaves.
Hope the work situation is resolving quietly. That's no fun either!

Have a great birthday trip!


I can see your words but nothing is loading on my computer. A birthday trip to London would be total heaven! Enjoy, Vicki!


With you on the Bit O'Honey, but I'd take a bag full of them over those peanut butter things wrapped in orange and black wax paper.


I do like Bit-O-Honey. Not a favorite, but I will eat it - LOL. I'm trying to catch up and now am wondering if you are in London as I type? I need to go look at IG. Sorry about your work situation and I sure hope things iron out quietly and quickly. My work has been absolutely NUTS and CRAZY and I think more and more about retirement. Not quite ready, but it's definitely on the horizon. I want new windows, but I'd settle for clean at this point!

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