The baby is TWO!
Better late than never

We're back!

An almost 2-week vacation in Scotland involving planes, trains, a car, and ferries -- and it all went off without a hitch! The weather was... Scotland-in-September-like, but we were prepared and had "drama" when & where we wanted -- missing weather-related ferry cancellations by a day on more than one occasion. We all fared very well during the 1.5- to 2.5-hour ferry crossings.

We are feeling charmed.

Perhaps you've followed along on IG or FB -- #vrkscotland2022. I won't likely rehash all of that here but do plan a follow-up (wordier) post or two and to share a few more photos at some point.

Meanwhile, re-entry has been a bit bumpy but IT'S FRIDAY!! And the kids are coming for a sleepover!


Upon arrival home, I found a few clues that the kids had been there -- earrings in disarray in the bedroom, and these "love notes." I haven't met a kid who didn't love a pad of sticky notes!!

I did a quick check of the garden at first opportunity (Tuesday after work) and loved that the zinnias were still blooming their little hearts out. There's an overnight frost warning, so thought I'd share while I still can!


They're not as spectacular or showy as dahlias, but who cares... all flowers are magical!

I haven't had a chance to catch up and, truthfully, I might just have to mark all as read and start anew... I hope not, but just in case (and if you're willing), I'd love a comment with the CliffsNotes version of what's been going on with you!

Have a wonderful weekend!




I followed along on Instagram and loved all your beautiful photos. Scotland is a country I would have loved to visit but I'm not a good flyer (only to Hawaii because I lived there at one time). I know that sounds crazy! We've had fog, fog, and more fog along the California coast and it's quite heavy here in Morro Bay.


Welcome Home!!! I did follow some on IG - not always as I was away and without Internet many days (which was kind of wonderful, you know??). What beautiful flowers Vicki! Cracks me up about hte earrings...I'm guessing Gin? And, I can't believe you are off across the pond again so soon!


"Disarray" is such a diplomatic way to say, "Children have been running through my house!"


I loved following your Scottish adventures. It is such a beautiful country. You really got around a lot! When we went, we used trains and public transport. I am still rather put off by the thought of driving on the “wrong” side of the road!


I followed your adventures on Instagram and Facebook but it sure is nice to see you back in this space! Your zinnias look great, mine are tired and fading but still giving it their all and blooming. Things in my life are continuing as usual, Jackie is going to preschool 3 days/week, our Florida kids are doing okay and their house is getting repaired, I had a colonoscopy this week (yay? LOL) and that's about it. OH, and I actually posted a finished hand knit hahahahaha!


Welcome back! It was lovely to follow along on IG and I'm glad to see you back here (with just enough time to put your earrings in order before you take off again). Things here are as usual - some knitting, reading, house repair, and the finishing up of the garden for the year.


I loved following your travels on IG, and it's good to know you were missed at home. Not much exciting has happened in my life while you were gone -- I did some reading, some knitting, some baking, and some celebrating of the High Holy Days.


So glad you are back! I LOVED your pictures! So so much! Thank you for bringing us along with you.

Life here is much the same... but the painting is my newest joy! :)


Zinnias are one of my favorites (every year when I write up my "garden notes" at the end of the season I include "MORE ZINNIAs"). They are simple, hard-working, magical . . . and a lot less work than dahlias. ;-) Your trip looked absolutely amazing (your IG posts were highlights of my days while I was recovering from covid here at home). And I think tough "re-entries" are directly proportional to the wonderfulness of the vacation. Welcome back, Vicki. I'm so glad you had such a great trip. XO

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