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Plain Old Wednesday

It's been busy around here with one thing or another. ZERO progress has been made on the kids' sweater in the past week, but I have been doing some cleaning and even a little bit of holiday prep.

The tree is up (from the basement) and the decorations are down (from the upstairs shotgun closet) -- have been for about a week -- but the only decorations actually on the tree are a tiny wire whisk that was overlooked during de-decorating last year and one of those bulky Star Ornaments that I was knitting last December. I knit a pile of those stars, gave a bunch away, and still have a nice stack -- one of which I just gave to Kate... so now hanging on the tree.

Anyway, while I was in the upstairs closet, I noticed (again... it happens every year) a bunch of truly random stuff on the tippy-top shelf at the back -- old curtain rods, some cottony-fleecy fabric stuff, the top of a Rubbermaid tote (the bottom nowhere near) (the nearest mate is likely in the basement). The cleaning/purging mood continues...


I don't purge everything, though, especially when the stuff isn't mine. Stuffed into a far corner of that deep shelf was this little T-shirt! It had to have been last worn approx. 30 years ago by Maddy! I washed it and will put it in the small box I have marked "Baby Things."

There's also a shelf over the doorway on the inside of the closet, and that's where Maddy's American Girl Bitty Babies, Lena & Zoe, are stored with all their things. I took it all down...


...sorted & washed the clothes and put them in a sealed bag. I noticed that Zoe needs some major mending/stitches, but that's for another day. There's a hospital gown for when that day comes... we had to send one of Ali's dolls into the Pleasant Company once for repair and she came back wearing one!



I enjoy playing the NYT Spelling Bee almost every day, but I really love Letter Boxed! Have you played? "Create words using letters around the square." The letters are scrambled from two random words and the idea is not to figure out those two words (impossible with no clues, IMHO), but to use up all the letters in the making of usually four or five words -- but the consecutive letters can't be from the same side and the last letter of a word becomes the first letter of the next word (and some other rules). I feel pretty great when I can do it in fewer, but today's was also pretty great because of all the YARNY words... beginning with YARN! The most tenuous one there would be NOUGAT, but just click on that to see all of the nougat-related patterns listed on Ravelry! Ha.

I'm working today, having had Monday off this week, and I've been confused all week about what day it is. Have a great Wednesday (and every day)!




I remember all those American Girl doll clothes! Sounds like you're accomplishing great things even if you haven't had time for knitting. That word puzzle sounds very confusing to me LOL.


The baby doll clothes are so sweet. It is nice that they are all fresh and tidy in case a doll baby wants to change up her style.

Wishing you a VERY merry Christmas and I hope 2023 is a very good year.


Cleaning and sorting count, especially if you're in a cleaning/purging mood! (That's the best time.) I think you're quite clever to do anything with Letter Boxed. I'm with Carole and simply confused!


I also looked at Letter Boxed and was so confused! I am feeling slightly less perturbed by that fact with the company of Carole and Bonny!

And I am ignoring the Cleaning and Sorting for the moment, but I think January will be All Cleaning and Sorting All The Time! Sigh. hahaha



I think finding old treasures or old things with good memories is the best motivation for cleaning and tidying -- although usually I get sidetracked from the cleaning because I start looking through the things I find!


Holiday prep is a time eater, but once done we will have a grand time!
I get Queen Bee almost every day, but Letter Box defeats me. I have no patience for it. I'm impressed you're so good at it.


I took a few days "off" last week, so just now getting caught up! Whenever I start cleaning closets . . . I get totally sucked into a long trip down Memory Lane! Tom and I play Spelling Bee together every day (we have a tag-team approach), but we've never tried Letter Box. (Actually, I have tried it a couple of times, but I haven't found great success.) Good for you for mastering that one!!! XO


Just back from TX and trying to get caught up on some blogs. I love spelling bee and letter boxed and play most every day. Col and Mailing play Wordle together, but the one guessing does not look at the they must remember what they've guessed and if letters are in the correct place. That's too much for me! Ha! I think 2023 is going to be a year of sorting and decluttering for me (at least I hope so). Wish me luck!

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