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Top 9

My 2022 Top 9 of Instagram:


  1. Gnomes!
  2. The start of a Musselburgh.
  3. Jamie Lee Curtis speaks words of wisdom.
  4. Ginny gets a haircut! Malina did, too. Kate had finally made it home for a visit.
  5. New Birdie Parker earrings. (I've lost one of them, ordered a replacement but it was silver, now awaiting a mismatched copper+silver pair to have one pair of each.)
  6. The girls' dance recital!
  7. Favorite pic (so far) of Rusty & Davy!
  8. Sorting colors for the Temperature Project.
  9. Ali sold the coffee shop.


I'll have one more post for 2022 tomorrow!




Great photos, and I had forgotten about many of them! Gnomes and Musselburghs say 2022 to me.


Gnomes and Musselburghs do absolutely say 2022! :) But you temperature project is one of my favorites!

Happy Friday, my friend!


Jamie Lee Curtis rocks!

Looks like you had a very good year.


I love those Instagram top 9 looks back!


Love seeing this collage! I can't figure out a way to do a top nine without having to pay.


A fun look back. Love the Rusty and Davy picture!

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