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Unraveled Wednesday: Closing in!

I'm joining Kat & the Unravelers today for Unraveled Wednesday!



I'm about to begin armhole shaping for the right front, which is the last major piece of the cardigan! I'm excited for the blocking/taming of all those pieces because, man, are they ever curly!


That's 5 Point Bomber central right there -- all my MDK Atlas yarn & tools (more needles than I need!) in one place! I tuck my iPad in there when I go over to Ann's for laundry/knitting... very portable. This Sunday will be the last of that for a while, except for a guest booking over New Year's, because they arrive on Sunday night and will be "here" (back & forth to Madison in various configurations) until early February!


I just finished reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (pages) for book club. I'd enjoyed Daisy Jones & The Six (audio), also by Taylor Jenkins Reid, so it didn't seem like too big of a gamble! Indeed, it's a pretty easy "beach" read and I sped right through it -- not great literature but a fun diversion and I was surprised at the end!

My listening has been spotty for various reasons... currently: A Swim in a Pond in the Rain: In Which Four Russians Give a Master Class on Writing, Reading, and Life by George Saunders. I am really enjoying it, and love listening to George Saunders.

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I picked up Kate last Sunday and she's here for about a month... though she just left (in my car) for a quick work-related trip to Chicago & Madison. She hasn't even seen the kiddos yet because Ginny & Ali have been sick. I think Ginny finally went back to school today after being out for a week! Everyone else is holding on over there, so hopefully we'll all get together soon.

Hope everything is good in your neck of the woods!




5 Point Bomber! Amazing and beautiful. Your holidays should be grand with Kate back for a bit and your Sister and Family coming in. Hope everyone can stay healthy (or get better as the case may be). Have fun!!


The bomber sweater is THE BOMB, Vicki! It's coming together in such a wonderful way -- and I'll bet the kids (and Ali) will be thrilled to see all their ideas come to life. It's such a creative way to knit one sweater for ALL the kids. :-) I'm so happy you're going to have Kate AND Ann & Family for nice, long visits over the holidays. Your heart must be so happy! XO


I love seeing those colorful, curly sweater pieces, I look forward to seeing it put together as a sweater, and I really look forward to seeing it on the first of a long line of kiddos! Sending you all good juju for good health!


This sweater is so amazing! As I said over on IG, I just adore the stripey pocket lining. You are truly the queen of intarsia! I hope everyone gets back to full health soon and you can all enjoy a wonderful holiday together.


That sweater is absolutely incredible, Vicki! I am so excited to see how that all comes together and I am most eager to see a modeled shot!!

George Saunders... oh my! He is my most favorite author to listen to... and A Swim in the Pond is just so good. I felt very much like I was in a graduate reading course... I learned so much and have looked at short stories entirely differently since reading it!

I hope all the kiddos are well soon! XO

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