Unraveled Wednesday: Grafting a Collar

It's in the blood

I posted a photo of the kids' cardigan on FB/IG yesterday and my Aunt Arlene (who will be 93 in a few months) commented, "You knit just like your Grandma. Maybe more."

(I might have to print that quote and frame it!)


Here's Junah modeling said sweater. Lordy, it's going to be handed down to Ginny pretty quick, I think! The kids are all growing so fast.


And a better view of where I'm at. It's been super busy around here, but I managed to steam block the buttonhole band, collar, and pocket trim, and I got half a sleeve sewn in.

Ann & I shopped for buttons last week but the selection was not very plentiful nor inspiring, and I think the ones I settled for are too big, anyway. I'll be headed to BOSTON (Cambridge) with Annie next week for a long weekend -- some of it work-related for her, but all pleasure for me! It dawned on me this morning that there are probably some pretty nice shops there that have buttons. I've already added Gather Here and Mind's Eye Yarns to my list (both are within a few miles of our hotel) and would love to hear suggestions if anyone has any. Hopefully, I'll have made some progress with the sewing up by then!

We had a birthday celebration for Junah on Thursday at Ann's.


I just can't believe he's 9 already!

Yesterday, everyone came over to my house for another get together (do 'em while we can!).


It doesn't take long for the place to get trashed (in a good way) (and they clean up... eventually) and this was before Lincoln Logs were wedged in.

The girls have been finding their own spots -- Ginny favors the space under the stairs and Malina had herself pretty well set up in the cardboard playhouse.


The Garden Room was quiet enough for naptime. So sweet!

Creativity has been flowing, too.


Ann gave the girls some "crafty" gifts on Thursday and Malina sat right down to work on hers!

Ginny came in our back door yesterday, spotted something that she wanted to draw, and immediately got supplies together. She's kind of blowing us all away... she's only 6! My girls were always a bit advanced in the area of art -- IT'S IN THE BLOOD -- but this is beyond, and to that I give credit to the internet for all the amazing tutorials that are out there, and to the pandemic for super-sizing what's available.

Rusty & Addie are teaming up to build a Little Free Library to install at Ann's house! They drew up some designs, decided on a plan, and have been working on it for a couple of mornings, so far. Eventually, it'll be painted to match the house. It's going to be so cute!




I love that they are making a Little Free Library! That's a great addition to ANY neighborhood.


oh my goodness - the sweater - that quote!! and those kiddos are getting so big (even "little" Malina!) ... I love to see what they're up to and art, and dolls, and messes ... all so good! and VERY cool to be putting a Little Free Library up! I love seeing them out in the wild and would simply love to have one with a personal connection. I know nothing about Boston but I'm sure you'll have plenty of great recommendations!


Your family is full of amazing makers, who make great projects in many different areas, and I love seeing them all! Now you just need to finish that sweater before Junah outgrows it!


Oh man. so much freakin' talent in your family!!~ the kids are darling. I cannot believe Junah is 9! and Ginny and Malina both look so grown up. What a great idea to put up a Little Free Library at Ann's Queen Ann. Fun Times! Enjoy Boston - fun town (though I have no recommendations...it's been a long, long time since I was there).


That sweater is going to be amazing, Vicki! Perfect for Jun! (at least for a week or two... gosh, put a brick on that kiddos head to slow down his growing!!)

I absolutely loved the dolly sleeping on the front porch with treats and a love note awaiting her waking!

And that kind of mess is the best mess ever! But, Ginny's drawing... wow! Just wow!

Thank you ever so much for sharing this slice of joy! XO


I love seeing the kids' creativity. It does seem to run in the family! The sweater is looking spectacular, though I fear Junah's not going to have much time with it.


Our Jackie is a budding artist and it's great to see so I can definitely relate! The sweater is wonderful but I think you're right that it will be Ginny's soon! Back in the day I would have told you to go to Windsor Button in Boston but, sadly, it's gone now. There are good yarn shops in the Cambridge area, though.


Oh so much goodness in your post, Vicki! But, oh my! ALL the kids are growing so quickly! (From Davy right on up through Addie in this post!) I love to see your kiddos' creations. And yeah . . . creativity and art-talent is definitely IN THE BLOOD! Love your grandma's quote . . . it definitely needs to be framed. :-) And I actually quit knitting for my kids when they were in pre-school. It took me long enough back then to find knitting-time, that I was always racing time to create something that FIT them by the time I finished! (I stuck to sewing for them back then. It was quicker. . . ) XO


If someone told me I knit like my grandmother, I'd be deeply touched.

I'd like to put a Little Free Library in my yard, but mine is the first (or last, depending on which way you're going) house on the street and there's no place for traffic.


Is that Malina that drew the unicorn? My goodness, that girl has talent! (No surprise there -- it IS in the blood.)

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