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I wish I could say we had a wonderful holiday & a great visit with Kate. It was an OK holiday, and Rusty & I are enjoying a visit with Kate... but those photos of the kids on Christmas Day? That's the only time since she arrived on Dec 11th that Kate's seen Ali & her family. Ali's household has been cycling through various illnesses since even before Kate's arrival, and by that weekend, we were making a grocery/meds delivery because Rod was so sick that Ali didn't feel she could leave him in charge!

They were all "good enough" that Christmas Day happened, and they even set some future Kate + Kiddo "dates," but Rusty was beginning to soothe a sore throat a few days prior, and over the last week he's felt a bit worse, and Kate started to not feel good, and Ali's clan relapsed -- same stuff, sore throat, then head & chest congestion, headache and fatigue.

Oh, and PINK EYE decided to drop by our house yesterday, because, y'know, WHY NOT??

I'm glad that Kate had a couple of "good" weeks -- she was able to make a quick business trip to Chicago & Madison, got together with some local friends -- so it wasn't a total bust. 

Somehow, miraculously, luckily, I AM STILL STANDING! I haven't had even a tickle in my throat. I don't know whether to be happy or afraid!

Anyway, we're all looking forward to summer and a big ol' DO OVER!!

Meanwhile, with the holiday, bad weather at Christmas, and others' scheduling needs, I've had a couple of nice, long, mostly relaxing weekends!

I got a fair bit of knitting done:


I knit both the button & buttonhole band, and pocket edgings. I wanted to block the button band before commencing with the other, to make sure it was the right number of stitches & to see how it shaped up... it's dreamy! That can be such a tricky bit, and I'm just thrilled. I had started the collar and was almost half-way when I had a little dilemma and ended up tearing it all out. I spent a couple of hours yesterday getting Annie's house ready for their return later today (mostly laundry, as usual) and got things back on track. I am truly at the half-way mark as of last night! I'm going to need to go hunting for buttons soon! So far, resulting from a query on FB/IG, I like the thought of navy, orange or "rusty-reddish... with a little touch of blue" buttons. I'll first be digging into my button stash, shopping only if I need to... I'm gonna need eight!


Kate & I ventured out to Rusty's studio yesterday and helped him remove this gigantic painting (25' long) from the wall! He's getting ready to ship it to Mexico, along with some of the supplies we'll need, because in just over a month we'll be heading down there for the install! The gallery will also be hosting an event for him, and I think he's also planning to do a demo/class. I'll be doing warm weather & sunshine!




Warm weather and sunshine sound pretty good right now.

Rusty's mural is BEAUTIFUL. Have a great time in Mexico!


Ugh, I'm so sorry that the crud impacted your holiday gatherings so much! That mural is wonderful and I think a trip to Mexico will be JUST what the doctor ordered. And I've got my fingers crossed that you stay feeling fine!


I'm sorry you've all had so much creeping crud, sore throats, and pink eye, and hope people are recovering and you continue to stay healthy. That sounds like a huge accomplishment! The sweater is coming along swimmingly and looks great. That is one impressive painting and I hope you get to Mexico soon and bake all those potential germs into oblivion!


Love Rusty's painting. I can feel the sun and warmth in it. My brother and SIL take off Friday (from CO) for a week in Mexico! Sorry about the crud impacting Christmas. Seems like there is an awful lot of "stuff" going around. I know some who have been battling bronchitis, others just nasty colds, etc. A summer "do-over" sounds perfect. Love the button and buttonhole bands - they "pop" and just light up the whole project. You've made remarkable progress on that. Well done you!


First up, Scat Ye Olde Crud! I mean really... go! NOW! Sigh. I am so sorry for you all. Heidi's house has been on the same track... cycling through some very nasty stuff (and yes, the Pink Eye Gremlin made a visit to their house too!) It puts such a damper on any kind of enjoyment!

Second. Rusty! Wow!! What a magnificent work of art! Please thank him for inspiring me to keep practicing! I think a visit to a warmer climate is the exact thing to do!

Third... the smartest, most unique, absolutely adorable sweater on the planet! I just love it so much, Vicki! (and I think a blue button would be perfect against those yellow button bands!

As always, you always inspire me with your posts... and I hope that your week has little laundry, more than enough knitting time, and no more crud! XO


I'm sorry to hear about all the germs circulating through the family and putting a damper on the holiday celebrations. I think many people experienced the same thing! The trip down south will probably help, and wow, is that painting gorgeous! The sweater is really coming together beautifully, too!


All of my friends with "local" grandchildren (meaning . . . they get to see them regularly) have been battling with any number of viruses these past few months: colds, RSV, hand-foot-and-mouth, pink eye. It's been relentless! I'm so sorry it has struck you all (well . . . not you, but everyone else) down! I hope it finally passes through and life can get back to "normal."

Rusty's painting is stunning! I can't imagine SHIPPING that, though! Wow. That must be a process . . .

Here's to good health from now on!!! XO


So sorry many of you were ill over the holiday, hope all are well now. How does one ship a 25 foot painting? That would make an interesting blog post. Happy New Year!


oh my goodness, what a shame All The Sicknesses had to visit when Kate was here!! So glad y'all already have a summer visit on the books! and WOOHOO for another trip to Mexico - that painting looks like a window to a world I'd love to visit :-) Happy New Year!

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